Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thoughts of Randomness

1. Caedmon is officially well. Or at least I’m declaring him as such since his fever has been gone since sometime early Tuesday morning. And he feels good. So far, the rest of us have avoided his germs. It’s now time to disinfect the entire house. Not my favorite thing.

2. I bought some new teethers for Honor last night. After she completely soaked her shirt and a bib yesterday, I decided she needed something new to chew on. I headed to the local baby store and dropped a small fortune on some things I thought she might like.

This one almost looks like some sort of torture device.

Tommee Tippee Chewther 4mo

And this one looks pretty interesting, too.

Teether 3mo

It actually looks like a sports mouth guard on the other side. I don’t know why the website doesn’t show it.

And this one she already chewed on a few minutes – which is more than I can say for a pacifier.


3. It’s TV premiere week. I love premiere week. Except when I hear that some shows have already been canceled and I don’t yet know what they are. I don’t want to waste my time getting involved in a new show if it’s already been canceled. And how do TV executives know a show isn’t going to be successful if it hasn’t even been on yet? And if they already knew, why did they premiere it? The mysteries of television.

(By the way, I’m ecstatic that Jim Parsons won the Emmy again this year. If you don’t watch The Big Bang Theory, you should. Even if you don’t speak “nerd.” It’s still funny.)

4. I am loving Pinterest for recipe ideas. I made this salad recipe the other night I found on there, and even though it wasn’t “man food,” Husband enjoyed it (I added some chicken and we made it a meal with some Sister Schubert’s yeast rolls). I also made a few other things that either weren’t a hit or I want to tweak. But I love the fresh ideas it gives and I don’t feel like I’m in a complete meal planning rut these days.

5. Also thanks to Pinterest, I have a giant list of things I want to do/make. And I haven’t done any of it. Yet. And I keep pinning away. The list grows longer by the day. Want your list to grow too? Go check out my boards.

6. Oh, mattress update! I called the moving company a couple weeks ago and basically said, “WHERE’S MY MATTRESS?” They still have it. Sitting there. Waiting for “a truck to come this way.” Um…we moved in July. I think it’s time to be done waiting. They decided to just have us buy a new mattress and send us a check. Novel idea. So we get to go mattress shopping. Is it sad that I’m just a tad bit excited about that? Probably.

7. Caedmon is going to get to take his first airline flight soon. He’s super excited. But I am already thinking about how I’m going to get both kids through the airport(s) and keep them occupied on the plane. I will be taking gum for Caedmon to chew to pop his ears, and a video device of some sort. The flight’s only about 2 hours, but after our last experience in an airport, I’m a little freaked at the idea of being stuck in an airport with two kids. Any advice on flying with kids would be appreciated.

8. I went to Old Navy last night for the first time since we’ve moved. I know. I used to go almost weekly. I know I’ve missed some cute things and great deals. And it hurts. It really does. But what really hurts is not really being sure what size Honor will be wearing next summer, or if she’ll for sure be walking. I don’t want to buy dresses for next summer if she’s not walking yet. I just think it’s kinda mean to put a crawling baby in a dress they have to figure out how to crawl around. Life already has enough challenges.

9. I almost made this list with two #2s. That would not have been acceptable, but would have been indicative of the way my brain has been working lately. Which is not well.

10. I buy frozen waffles these days in order to have a Nutella delivery system. Something just doesn’t seem right about eating it from a spoon straight out of the jar. But I don’t mind eating peanut butter that way. Nutella just seems too classy for that. That’s right. Spreading Nutella on a frozen waffle is more classy than eating it from a spoon. That’s perfectly rational, right?

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  1. Those teethers look so cool. That first one does look like a torture device..haha. So Pinterest is almost the death of me. To be honest it makes my life even more stressful because I find so many pretty things I want to make and eat. Not fair Pinterest!

  2. Thanks for a good laugh!