Friday, September 23, 2011

Photo Journal

Here are some more photos from our week.

We hung out with Nana some more.


Caedmon played with Play-Doh.


Honor’s chewing got a little out of control.


Caedmon became an enabler. (I actually love that he’s handing her things to play with/chew. He loves her so much and they missed hanging out with each other while he was sick.)


Caedmon took more silly pictures.


Honor enjoyed her new teethers, one of them especially.


Caedmon got a new Captain America t-shirt. He’s not excited about it at all.


He also built this. I’m not sure what he was going for, but it was deemed a safety hazard and didn’t last long.


Yesterday, Honor was fussy. It’s so out of character for her, so I knew something was up. She only took about half of her morning nap and spent the rest of her awake time yesterday needing a little TLC. The Moby Wrap once again saved the day. (Please excuse the no-makeup, gross hair day. Yesterday was about survival, not looking pretty.)


It crossed my mind that she might have caught Caedmon’s germs, but after feeling her gums last night and this morning, I think Honor is experiencing what our (former) Pediatric Dentist called “chronic teething.” He told me that teeth move a lot in their gums long before they’re ready to actually come in and can cause discomfort and therefore, fussiness.

Honor doesn’t have any teeth trying to poke their way through, and her gums are not red or swollen. But there’s one spot on her lower right gums that feels different – like there’s a tooth down there maybe moving its way up a bit. And that’s the side she’s been furiously gumming. Also? It’s where her first molar(s) should come in. All I need is for her to be “teething” her molars for the next six months.

She seems much happier today, and I hope that continues thru the weekend. We need to go buy Caedmon a mattress today and have some Hogs to call tomorrow!

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