Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thoughts of Randomness

1. I have several projects in the works right now, one of which is a tutu for Honor. Never thought I’d be making a tutu, much less a pink one.

2. Our ghetto bed? Still ghetto. Husband has requested parts from the company three times. The first time the package was short the exact part we needed. The other two times, they sent the wrong parts. I’m beginning to wonder if our bed will be propped up with books forever.

3. I finally heard from the moving company yesterday about Caedmon’s mattress. They “found” it. So nice that they were able to locate it. Because a twin size mattress is easy to misplace. I know I have trouble with that all the time.

Now I just have to figure out when they will actually deliver it. They said they’ll bring it when they have a truck “in the area.” I’ll be making a phone call about that today because I certainly hope we don’t have to wait another 6 weeks.

4. Honor has started to hold toys and chew on them. I like it. Except for times like the other day when Caedmon took her toy away. She screamed. And scared him to death. (It was actually kinda funny.) I don’t think he’ll be taking toys away from her much anymore. Or at least, he won’t be surprised when she screams at him for doing it.

5. Walmart trips with two kids are…interesting. Not to mention having to find my way around a new store. Having Caedmon ride in the back with the groceries and constantly re-sort, stack, and nearly squash everything just does not bring joy to my heart. So I need him to ride up front in the seat. But that means either Honor has to sit in her carseat in the back (no room for groceries) or I have to put her in the Moby Wrap. She does much better in the Moby Wrap anyway, so that works out. But then people look at me weird. I mainly get two kinds of looks. The “what-is-that-strapped-to-your-chest” look and the “aw, bless her heart” look. And y’all know what the “bless her heart” look means. I’d like to say that I care. But if I can get through the Walmart trip without her screaming, they can think “bless her heart” all they want to.

6. Summer is winding down and the pool will be closed before we know it. Which makes me a little sad since Caedmon loves it so much. I feel bad that I don’t take him more often, but it’s difficult to gather all the junk we need and manage both little ones at the pool by myself. Especially since one of them isn’t down with the heat and would rather be napping and the other wants me to be in the pool all. the. time. Next year? Honor will probably be walking. Walking! We may never go to the pool together. Or never leave…whichever seems easiest.

7. Caedmon is currently obsessed with mail. He wraps up random items and brings them to me, telling me the mailman brought them for me. You can imagine how thrilled he is with the random newspapers that are occasionally thrown into our driveway.

8. I kicked the shower door last night and managed to break off half my big toenail. It was not pleasant. And it’s going to be a while before having a pedicure looks decent again.

9. Does anyone else fuss over who has to take the dog out for the last time at night? Because I really loathe that chore. Somehow, our dog used to go out for the last time (on his own) by 9pm. Now he needs to go out between 10 and 11 every night. I think it’s a conspiracy so that I am not allowed a moment’s rest between the time I get up in the morning and fall asleep at night.

10. Speaking of going to bed, Caedmon has become a champ at staying awake for a super long time after he goes to bed. Last night we put him to bed at 8pm. At 9:20 he was still awake. I don’t know what time he went to sleep. And since he stayed in his bed and minded his own business, I don’t really care.

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  1. I laughed out loud when I read about Honor crying out when Caedmon took her toy. I can't help it, that is just too funny! We come hard-wired with selfishness! He wanted the toy...and she did too. And, so, it begins! You'll love it. It gets SOOO much better. LOL

    You might think spending the money to purchase a new back door with a doggie door insert is worth every penny. Is that what you want for Christmas? :-)

    Maybe you oughta let Caedmon run around like a terror in WM...and scream and pitch fits in the aisles. That's what the other parents are letting their kids do.

  2. Enjoyed reading the last few posts...but it just makes me miss you guys more!!

    Love your sweet family!