Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Deep Thoughts From Caedmon

We were going to have to leave to go somewhere during naptime, so I told Caedmon he didn’t have to sleep, but he did have to lay down and rest a bit. After getting busted for the umpteenth time for being out of his bed messing around, he said, “But Momma, kids are busy!


Caedmon: “Momma, what does ‘arrive’ mean?”

Me: “Well, it usually means when you get to the place you’re going. Like you say you ‘arrive’ when you get there.”

Caedmon: “Did I arrive?”

Me: “Yes, you certainly did.”


Caedmon had just gotten a Captain America mask as a gift, and was wearing it in the car. We stopped to eat at Chick-fil-A, and he tried to convince me he needed to wear it inside.

Caedmon: “But Momma, I need to wear my mask so I don’t get food in my eyes!”

Poor boy. I’ve been making him get food in his eyes all this time.

The mask stayed in the car.


As I was getting Honor ready for bed, Caedmon came in to give her a goodnight kiss.

Caedmon: “Momma, I love my baby sister.”

Me: “I’m so glad. I know she loves you too.”

Caedmon: “But what I really wanted was a brother.” (He never forgets.)

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