Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finally Here

Our stuff was finally delivered on Saturday. After a week of living with just what we brought in the car, we were ready. We’d been fine, but it was starting to get old. Sleeping on an air mattress is fine, but the novelty wears off quickly. And Caedmon had chosen to sleep in his closet almost every night. Since he was actually sleeping, I wasn’t complaining about that too much, but I think we were all ready for beds.

We were told our driver, Mr. C, would call us and let us know when he would be delivering, but I hadn’t heard from him. At all. And when I called him, he’d been unavailable. So I called the office and was told we could expect our delivery on Saturday.

Apparently when the moving company gives you a “window” for delivery, they actually mean “we’re not going to bring your stuff until the very last second possible, but we want to make you feel good about life, so we’re going to pretend we might come earlier.” Or something like that.

But it was fine. We would have some family time on Friday and be ready to see the truck on Saturday. And then Mr. C called. His truck was broken down at his last delivery location. He didn’t know if it would get fixed in time to bring our stuff on Saturday. That, my friends, was not good news. He would call and let me know Saturday morning if he was going to make it or if we would have to wait longer.

So we prepared like they were coming on Saturday and were fully aware they might not. But at 7:30 Saturday morning, Mr. C called and told me he was on his way. We were ready and like huge dorks, our entire family was standing in the driveway as soon as we heard the truck coming down the street. (Plus Shawn, who’d kindly brought donuts and coffee, and therefore, was not a dork.)

We showed the guys around the house, talked about where we wanted stuff, and they got to work. Unloading went pretty smoothly, and as I told one of the unloading guys, he probably knows where my stuff is better than I do right now.

When we got to the end and were doing paperwork, we realized we were missing one very important item. An item that I’d promised Caedmon was coming. His mattress.

Yes, a whole, entire mattress was missing. Now, I’ve lost a thing or two in one of our many moves, but nothing big. Definitely nothing like a mattress. So that’s a whole new experience for me.

Shawn and Tracey saved the day, though. They had a mattress we could borrow until Caedmon’s is located or replaced, and brought it over. Shawn also helped figure out how to put Caedmon’s bed back together properly. The boy got to sleep in his own bed and I can’t tell you how happy we all were about that.

The mattress still hasn’t been located. Along with a few other random items. I had originally thought I was also missing the box with our wedding albums in it and had been waking up in the middle of the night with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I found the box yesterday. And I slept much better last night. The rest of it is just “stuff”, and hopefully they’ll locate it. If not, that’s what insurance is for. But insurance couldn’t have replaced those albums!

Mom is here this week, helping us unpack and get things settled. We’ve made great headway, and I know I couldn’t have gotten as much done in the last two days if it weren’t for her help. Today we are tackling the kitchen. Better get busy!

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  1. that sounds like our moving company story - except they were a month late with our stuff...and I was 7 months pregnant...sleeping on an air mattress...

    you hate them, but you love them at the same time

  2. I cannot believe they lost a mattress! How on earth is that even possible?? At least you have your wedding albums, that would have been awful to lose! Glad you guys are getting settled in the new place!

  3. Glad your mom is there this week! Can't believe they still haven't found the mattress. That is so random!!

  4. Glad you made it, hope they find the mattress!!