Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Captain America (or Striped) Cake Tutorial

Want a Captain America shield cake I showed you yesterday? You can make one!




I didn’t want to buy one of these fancy schmancy cake sets from Wilton. So instead, I spent about $4 and got this at Hobby Lobby.


Decide which rings you want to use. I went with the largest and smallest rings for the effect I wanted. My pans are 9” pans and these cookie cutters worked perfectly. 


Next, grab your Sous Chef and prepare your cake.


Measure the cake batter into three separate bowls.


Then, color the batter. I used regular food coloring.


Next, take the time to remind your Sous Chef to keep his little fingers out of the bowls.


Lightly spray the rings with non-stick spray and place in your prepared pan.

Starting from the center, spoon half of each color into the rings.




Once your batter is in place, carefully remove the rings.



Do the same thing for the next layer.


Bake and let cool.

Allow Sous Chef to lick bowls to his heart’s content.



Get ready to decorate!

Print a “shield” design.


Then trace the design onto parchment paper and note the colors for each section.


Cut each section. Since this design was symmetrical, I folded it in half to cut it out. It will look like a mess. Try to lay it flat in a folder until you get ready to use it. The flatter it is, the easier it will be to use.


I used these colored sprinkling sugars. I didn’t want to pipe anything this time.


Lay the cutouts carefully on the frosted cake. (I used this recipe from The Idea Room for the frosting. And? Oh my. Canned frosting is dead to me now. Dead.)


Leave the red outside stripe off and remove the inside red stripe (or leave it off).

Sprinkle the red sugar.


Peel up the blue section and sprinkle the blue sugar.


Carefully peel up the white sections.


Enjoy! And store what’s left in the refrigerator.



Captain America Striped Cake

1. Prepare white cake mix.

2. Measure cake batter into three separate bowls. I used two 9” pans and did the same colors in the same places for both layers. If you want to mix the colors or use different size pans, you’ll have to change the batter ratios.

For the outside ring, measure 2 cups of batter. For the middle ring, 1 cup, and for the center ring, 1/2 cup. There will still be some batter left, so divide it between the middle & outside ring, but use most of it for the outside ring. (I also had a little left from the center ring after I’d placed the batter in the pans for both centers, so I added it to the batter for the outside ring.)

3. Color the batter. I used white in the center, blue in the middle, red for the outside.

4. Lightly spray the rings with non-stick spray and place in your prepared pan.

5. Starting in the center, spoon half of each color into the rings, working quickly to keep the batter from seeping under the edge of the rings.

6. Once all of the batter is in place, carefully remove the rings.

7. Wash and dry the rings. Re-spray with non-stick spray and repeat steps 5 and 6.

8. Bake according to package directions.

To Decorate:

1. Print/draw desired design and trace onto parchment paper. Note the color of each section. Cut out design pieces so they can be pulled off the cake individually.

2. Frost cooled cake with white frosting. (I used Fluffy Vanilla Frosting from The Idea Room.)

3. Lay parchment paper design on the cake, leaving off the pieces you want to color first.

4. Carefully sprinkle sugar on desired sections. Do all of one color before moving to another. Leave the paper on all white sections until completely finished with sprinkling sugar.

5. Peel off remaining parchment paper.

6. Enjoy! And if there’s any left, store in the refrigerator.

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  1. How fun! Thanks for sharing - I might have to try this!

  2. You are awesome! I don't know if I have an occasion to make a striped cake anytime soon but I think I want to go to HL and get me some of those just incase I do!

  3. Thanks for the help on decorating the cake. I'll be making one for this weekend :)

  4. Did you use 1 cake mix or 2?