Monday, August 29, 2011

Birthdays and Captain A

In case you hadn’t noticed, we love superheroes at our house, Captain America, especially. And Husband’s birthday was the perfect time to have some superhero fun. Since he suggested Caedmon have a Captain America cake and he didn’t go for it, I decided we’d just make one for Husband. (Tutorial tomorrow.)

Here he is, wearing his Captain America/Dallas Cowboys t-shirt, taking a picture of his Captain America shield cake with his phone in its Captain America case. Overkill? Maybe.

(You should know by now that if we aren’t in public, Caedmon isn’t wearing anything besides undies. I’ve learned to embrace it. It means less laundry.)


For his birthday, Husband and I went to lunch sans kids. It was Honor’s first time for a non-family babysitter (besides the church nursery). Leaving the kids with Lisa wasn’t hard though, because she’s so sweet and they both love her.

Friday afternoon, we had a little party for Husband.


I think Caedmon was the most excited.


I’m not sure who actually blew out the candle.


But it didn’t matter. This cake was good!


I think Honor wanted some too, but she settled for chewing on her fist.


More Captain America stuff…


I think Husband had a good birthday. I certainly hope so. He doesn’t get another one until next year.

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