Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Spider-man Party Details

Since this was Caedmon’s first “friend” party, I wanted to make it special. But I didn’t want to kill myself. Or break the bank.

After some waffling back and forth, he chose Spider-man over Star Wars. I had mixed feelings about that. There are so many things you can do with Star Wars, and you’re a bit more limited with Spider-man. But that may have turned out to be a blessing because I wasn’t tempted to go crazy.

And of course, most of my inspiration came from Pinterest. How did we ever come up with things without it? I don’t know. Wait, I do know…I just didn’t come up with things.


I wanted fun invitations, and got the template and idea here. I didn’t get as “scrapbooky” as she did, because, well, I don’t scrapbook. I also used a different program and changed things up just a little so they suited us a little better.


Spiderman invitation

I did personalize each invitation at the top with the child’s name we were inviting. This one was an extra I printed for him to keep.



I liked what we did, and I will say that the investment of the 2” circle cutter was worth it. Use that 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby and get one if you’re planning to cut circles. You’ll thank me later.


Our party was from 10-11:30, so we didn’t want to have crazy amounts of food. We had “Daily Bugles” (Bugles) and “Aunt Mae’s Sausage Balls” (I used this recipe) as a savory snack. To drink, we had “Wall Crawler Cocktail” (punch made from frozen juice concentrate and 7Up), “Liquid Spider Sense” (bottled water), and “Extra Power Serum” (coffee).

I made these labels for the food.


And these are the labels I made for the bottled water.


Of course, there was cake, which was chocolate with cream cheese frosting – Caedmon’s request.


I made the web out of melted chocolate chips. I also made a “5” and stuck it on the side of the cake.


And the candle was from Party City. Caedmon wanted the Spider-man candle, not the traditional birthday candles.


I’d pre-scooped the ice cream into Spider-man cupcake papers the night before so we didn’t have to worry about the mess during the party. Best. idea. ever. I’ll definitely be doing that again.



We played “Zap the Villain”, and I got the idea here. (She did an awesome Superhero party!) Because we’d started out with the idea of a “water works” birthday party, I’d already purchased water guns for the kids. So we decided to use those as part of our game and part of the favors the kids took home.

I printed some classic Spider-man villains and Husband taped them onto balloons.


Then Husband tied the balloons on a string and hung it between some columns out front. The kids zapped the villains with their water guns, and we had a tub of water nearby for reloading.



The kids had a blast. And these guys got pretty serious about their villains.


We also had the “Web of Doom” set up in the garage. For this, we used a spool of yarn and six posts. (We did these games in the garage/on the concrete because the grass was soaked and gross from rain/heavy dew.) (Also, please ignore the mountains of stuff in the background. Such is life.)



Husband started by allowing some practice rounds. Then, he timed each kid as they went through the web individually. After that, it was a free-for-all.


They loved it. By the end of the party, the string was all saggy and sad looking, but it was a great game!


We kept it simple. Caedmon has a Spider-man poster in his room that we moved to over the fire place. Nana made a streamer web in front of the fire place. And somehow, I managed to not get a photo of either.

I used comics on the table tops and we had solid-colored party hats.


And of course, balloons. You can’t have a party without balloons.


The yellow and blue balloons are long gone, but the Spider-man balloons are currently fodder for “practicing fighting moves” in Caedmon’s room. I love multi-purpose items, don’t you?



Each kid took home their water gun from “Zap the Villain.” (Momma is no fool.) We also had Spider-man gummy snacks and “Web Spray” (aka Silly String).

I got silly string at the dollar store, then made labels for the Web Spray and taped them onto the cans with double-sided tape.


A few of the kids had younger siblings that couldn’t quite handle the big-kid stuff, so they got puffs and bubbles.

I put the favors into sacks from Hobby Lobby and used the circle punch again for more Spidey faces.


And there you have it. Caedmon’s Spider-man party. It was fun, but I’m glad it’s a whole year until his next birthday. I don’t think I’m ready for another party any time soon.

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  1. Everything looks awesome! So creative and so fun!!

    1. Thanks! I wish we were close enough to celebrate together!

  2. Great job, mama! All the details are so cute and such neat ideas! It sounded and looked like such a fun party!

    1. Thank you! We did have a lot of fun!

  3. Is it possible to get a copy of your web spray printable so to use at my son's bday party in a few weeks?

    1. Sure! Email me at melissa @ and I can send you a PDF.