Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Visit To The HayMaze

(Here’s our trip to the pumpkin patch last year. I can’t believe how much Caedmon has grown and changed since then!)

Last week, we went to a haymaze/pumpkin patch with our MOPS group. I love hanging out with the ladies from our MOPS group. Plus, Caedmon had woken up bouncing off the walls, and I was glad to have a place to take him to burn off some energy.

As soon as we got there, he started running through the kiddie maze. By himself.


See? Lots of energy.

Some other kids joined in, then some kid (ok, it was mine) decided that walking on the hay bales would be much more fun that walking beside them. Will you look at these two? They’re a hot mess. I’m so glad Caedmon has some great friends!


We finally convinced the boys it was time to go through the big maze. Basically, we herded them through. And we paused for a picture in the middle. Brody, Caedmon, Porter and Declan.


As soon as we hit the exit for the big maze, the boys were back to the kiddie maze.



While we waited our turn to ride the barrel train, we dug in corn for “treasures.” Caedmon still wasn’t convinced the train was coming back for us….


With so many boys all digging around at once, quite a bit of corn ended up flying.

Here’s Jennifer, Brayden, Porter and Caedmon.


(On a side note, Jennifer had a baby a month ago. But she seriously looks great, fitting back into her jeans and wearing a belted, fitted top in public just a month after Jillian was born. That is not normal, ya’ll, and it almost, just almost makes me ill. Miss Jillian is sweet and adorable, by the way.)

Finally, the barrel train came back and Caedmon quickly jumped into the very first barrel. He was ready to ride!



It was his absolute, most favorite thing ever. He wanted to ride again…of course! But I convinced him that the rope swing might be fun, too.

If you’ve ever been barn swinging, you know the object is to swing, let go, and land in the hay. Most of these kids had no idea how to actually do that, and just wanted to jump into the squishy hay. Kenna was a great sport, helping them “swing” and jump.

But Caedmon surprised us all when he, for some reason, knew exactly what to do with that rope swing.





Of course we had to do that again! They even called some older kids to come over and watch Caedmon so they could learn how to swing on the rope!

Next, it was time for the hayride. We all packed ourselves onto the trailer like sardines. But having all our children confined to one space for a little while in close proximity meant us moms could actually have a few minutes to a) sit down and catch a breath and b) talk to each other.

Addy, Macon, Caedmon, and Kirk.


It was a long ride, and most of the kids were definitely over it by the time we got back. But it was time to pick a pumpkin! Caedmon became attached to his pumpkin of power fairly quickly. Yes, he kissed it like he did last year.



And then he tried to convince me that we needed some small ones, too.


Thanks, but no thanks. We were headed out pretty quickly after that. The kids’ attention span had given up on us during the hayride and was nowhere to be found. Everyone knew it was time to go.

We visited Cini & Papa Duke’s a bit before heading home, where the boy took a 2 hour nap. It was a huge victory since naptime the day before had been spent with much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but no sleeping. Maybe I need to let him run mazes and swing on rope swings more often.

Maybe I should set up an obstacle course in the backyard.

There’s something else to add to my to-do list. Just what I needed.

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