Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Pumpkin At The Patch

Our MOPS group made a visit to the pumpkin patch this week. I meant to post these earlier, but with a boy who isn’t sleeping, another table refinish project going on, and spotty internet access this morning, it just didn’t happen.

And now for your viewing pleasure, here are way too many pictures of an adorable little boy at the pumpkin patch.

DSC06001It was a bit windy! DSC06008He went right to exploring when we arrived. He’s definitely starting to come out of his little shy shell. DSC06016He immediately was concerned about how these pumpkins were stacked. He felt the need to make sure it was done properly. DSC06038 DSC06040So thrilled with all the pumpkins. DSC06046 DSC06049He was giving the giant pumpkin a hug. My sweet boy! DSC06055Our buddy Kirk was sharing his corn with Caedmon. I don’t think they were quite sure what to do with it. I can’t say that I really know, either. DSC06074Caedmon was all about climbing in and out of the wagons. They were supposed to haul pumpkins, not little boys. But he and Zachary were having themselves a good old time disregarding their intended use. DSC06098We got to go see the chickens. DSC06123Caedmon was especially concerned with this one, who seemed to be a little escape artist. DSC06136Thanks Michelle for this great picture on the hayride! DSC06138An action shot on the hayride. Caedmon l.o.v.e.d. it. DSC06148The view across the patch. During the hayride, we got to stop and choose our own pumpkins. After a minor meltdown and a little coaxing, Caedmon walked over and very decidedly picked out his pumpkin of power. There was no changing his mind. DSC06156The above and below pictures are my attempt at getting a picture with the pumpkin of power.DSC06159 DSC06157 This was as good as it got.DSC06164On the hayride back to the tent, he was very serious about his pumpkin. DSC06168He was also serious about some “pries” and chicken. Like a good little boy, he ate all his nuggets. The fries he didn’t eat at lunch were polished off at dinner. Cold fries? Yes, apparently that’s some good stuff. DSC06171Since we didn’t get a great photo with the pumpkin at the patch, I thought I’d try one more time after lunch. Oz had to check it out, and Caedmon was none too pleased about it.DSC06182See? Still a little peeved that Oz dared get close to his pumpkin. DSC06183And one final shot…yes, his pants are wet. That’s what happens when you spend the morning at the pumpkin patch, I suppose.

The pumpkin of power sits in a place of honor on the kitchen counter. You’re laughing, aren’t you? Around here, if it gets to stay on the kitchen counter longer than a day, it really is special.

Maybe I can manage to get a happy picture with the pumpkin. I’m not holding my breath.

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