Tuesday, February 03, 2009

In Case of Emergency...

During our nasty ice storm last week, we lost power about 9:30 on Tuesday morning. Freezing rain, sleet, and general yuckiness continued all day, as did the power outtage. We were warm, thanks to our gas fireplace. As it got dark, C loved toting a wind-up flashlight around the house, waving the beam of light.

Now I hadn't really planned on being without power for a long period of time, which probably wasn't great. But I knew I had our old Hurricaine kit stashed somewhere.

That's right. I made up a hurricaine kit when we lived in Florida almost 10 years ago, and some of it was still intact. I pulled out the candles, and Husband immediately began making fun of them.

Why, you ask? Perhaps because they were Standard Utility & Sabbath Candles. Yes, that's Hebrew on the box. And yes, they were made in China.

And more importantly, this is what they looked like when I pulled them out of the box.

Yeah, they were really useful. We decided not to use them. Instead, we burned about four different Yankee Candles and gave our noses a schizophrenic fit.

What happened to the Standard Utility & Sabbath Candles? I put them back in the box and up in the cabinet for you know, a real emergency. Pin It

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  1. yeah for hurricane emergency kits! we add a little more to ours every year.