Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back On The Grid

Ice Storm 2009 has been kickin' our tail. I don't have much brain power at this point, so here's a rundown.

Monday started with the freezing rain.

Tuesday morning we woke to an inch of ice on everything and the power went out around 9:30. We weathered the day and night at home with our gas fireplace.

Curious 17 month-old + puppy + fireplace as only source of heat = mind numbingly stressful.

Found out the number of homes without power in our area was 50,000 and rising. Trees and power lines were down everywhere.

Wednesday we chickened out and went to Mom & Dad's, where they still had power. Warmth, hot food, hot shower, sleep. And the company wasn't bad, either. Oz had a good time playing outside with the big dogs, too.

The number of homes without power was estimated to have grown to over 100,000. And most people were told it would be anywhere from Saturday to next week to 10 days before power was restored. And a lot of people were just losing their power or were losing it again. We were declared a Federal Disaster Area.

Thursday we found out we'd gotten power back at our house, and even had cable. Deputy Guy and Curly came to Mom & Dad's to shower and eat lunch since they'd been without power too. And just about the time we all got ready to head out, Mom & Dad's power went out.

When we got home, I started working furiously in case we were to lose power again. C went out like a light at bedtime, thankful to be in his own room and his own bed. And feeling the same way, I'm about to crawl into my bed and hopefully get a good night's sleep.

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  1. crazy! my mom said it was horrible. glad you guys are safe and warm.

  2. Curly1:57 PM

    Still without power at my house. Now for 4 days and 1.5 hours. Praise the Lord that Deputy Guy's relatives that live in town got their power back and loaned up their generator!