Saturday, November 15, 2008

Looking For New People

It has been a long, difficult process, but Husband and I have decided that Argus needs a new home.

When we got Argus at 12 weeks old almost 8 years ago, our intention was to have him for his entire life. We wanted him to grow up with us and our kids, living out his 12-15 year lifespan as part of our household. But we have come to see that is not going to be possible.

I could go into all the reasons and justify each one. But I'm honestly weary of it. It's been a long, emotional process to get to the point where Husband and I agree that he would be better off with another family. Argus, not Husband.

We love Argus, and would never just kick him to the curb. So we are striving to find him some new People. If you or someone you know may be interested in adopting Argus, please call, comment or email me. Expressing interest doesn't put you under obligation.

Gee whiz, I sound like a TV Infomercial. "Contact us for a free brochure."

Actually, my "brochure" is below. Click to enlarge.

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