Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Teething - The "Other" Teeth

C has his four top teeth and two bottom teeth. And I think he may be skipping the other two front bottom teeth and going straight for a molar.

Because we are non-conformists around here.

My dilemma has now become how to help him ease those gums on the side. He won't chew on a piece of ice in his little solid food thingie. He doesn't like the frozen washrag that much. And those teething rings, while great for the front teeth, don't quite work very well that far back in his mouth.

So while I was standing with the freezer door open for no apparent reason the other day while staring blankly into the cold, I had an idea. Kind of off the wall, but I tried it. And it worked.

I gave C one of these:

He loved it. It's too big to really get choked on, but not too big for him to gnaw on the end. And reusable. And it doesn't drip all over the place like ice in the solid food thingie. And I happen to have two of them, so I can just swap them out continuously.

So yeah, those have been sitting in my freezer for, well, a very long time. And I've finally found a good use for them since I quit buying bottled water eons ago. I knew they would come in handy for something.

The website is here, and you can locate a store that carries their products. And ya'll, they have tons of other cool stuff. Stuff that I became covetous of while browsing their site. Because everyone needs a special contraption for cookie/milk dunking. Even if you don't drink milk.

And just in case you decide the plastic water bottle thing is not for you, here's a thing-a-majig for making ice to fit down into a water bottle. It would also work for those back gums since it's in a cigar-like shape.

The water bottle inserts definitely work for me. Check out Rocks In My Dryer for more Works For Me Wednesday! Pin It

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