Monday, July 08, 2013

Independence Day & Weekend

Even though our Independence Day was soggy, we had fun and a good weekend!

We started with a block party on Wednesday night with some of our neighbors. We’re all new to the neighborhood, so it was fun to hang out with everyone. The weather was marvelous. It was cool and cloudy, which was a foreshadowing to the rest of the week and weekend. I made Salsa Fresca. I love that stuff so much.


It started raining Wednesday night…and didn’t quit until Saturday evening, except for a few breaks here and there. It was like a winter rain. Cool, not much thunder or lightning, and most of the time slow and drizzly. A few days like that would’ve been great, except that we were supposed to be celebrating Independence Day. And it’s hard to get in the spirit of cookouts, fireworks, and all things summer when it’s cool and rainy.

On Thursday, Caedmon and I had a movie date.


Yes, he’s wearing a sweatshirt. I think it was around 70 degrees and pouring rain. We would’ve frozen in the theater if we hadn’t worn long sleeves. I actually considered taking a blanket. We saw Despicable Me 2 and really enjoyed it.

It did quit raining long enough Thursday night for fireworks. But the getting there? It was torture. I thought Caedmon was going to go nuts before it got dark. So I broke out a few glow sticks for the kids to play with in the meantime.


Yes, Honor wore her pajamas all day. It was raining and we weren’t going anywhere. Why not?

It finally got dark enough, and we shot fireworks.


And when I say “we,” I mean Caedmon and Husband. Honor would have nothing to do with it. Nothing. She watched cartoons instead.


Friday, it was raining again. I took Caedmon for an eye exam. Since he’s starting school next month(!), I wanted to make sure he hasn’t inherited mine and Husband’s poor eyesight. Yet, anyway. He did great at the eye doctor and has 20/25 vision.

Since it was decently warm and there wasn’t any thunder, Husband took the kids out to play in the rain.


They both wanted umbrellas the entire time. I don’t think they fully understood the concept of playing in the rain. But they had fun while it lasted.


Saturday, we did a few guy/girl errands (the guys went their places while Honor and I went other places), and just hung out at home. It was nice. Then? Husband took us out for dinner and I didn’t have to cook. Which made the day even better.

Sunday was church, naps, laundry, and Big Brother. And sunshine! Hopefully we’ll see more of the sun this week! I can do without the humidity, but I am ready to see the sun.

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  1. Your salsa recipe is just like mine! Isn't it so good?? I'm here from Jenna's, and I have a Caedmon too! He's 2.5 years old. But hey, we're starting homeschooling this fall too! Caed's older brother Sam is 6. Nice to meet you!

    1. So glad to have you, Tracy!

      I could eat that salsa every single day. With a spoon. No chips necessary!

      It’s so rare that I meet someone else with a Caedmon! I seriously love the name so much.

      We might have to get together about this homeschooling thing!