Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Garden Update: The Resurrection

So, we almost killed the garden.


Even after the worm infusion.

It looked so cute for a while. Then it turned yellow and stuff just didn’t do well. And the bugs? They almost ate everything.

See? Pathetic.


And the big tomato plant on the right? That’s a new one. We killed the original one.

I finally decided things were staying too wet, so I took the mulch out of the bed. That seemed to help things not stay so soggy. (The soil is really clay-heavy here.)

One day, while Mom was at my Aunt W’s house, I was whining talking to her about my garden. She said, “Aunt W says….” Aunt W has probably forgotten more about gardening than I will ever know. So I took her advice.

I also found a recipe for a kid and pet safe bug spray for the garden. And spent a few days spraying and squashing bugs.

And now? This.


The difference is amazing. Everything has started growing like crazy. The tomato plant on the right? It has 20 green tomatoes on it. Twenty. Seeing as how we nearly killed it a couple of weeks ago, I think that’s amazing. Maybe I’ll eventually have enough to make some sauce.


My basil and oregano have taken off too, even though there is an anthill in the oregano. Seriously, why do the ants want to live in my oregano? In a pot? I don’t get it. It doesn’t seem to bother the oregano, though.


On the menu this week? Margherita Pizza. Definitely. At least, for me.

The kids love the garden and beg to go out and visit it every day. Honor has been known to prematurely pick something here and there, so we have to watch her pretty closely.

We only seem to get one or two strawberries at a time, so the kids take turns getting to pick and eat them. This was Caedmon’s most recent prize.


I just hope we get something from each plant. I’ll consider it a success if we can manage that. And hopefully, I’ll learn enough to avoid some of these crazy issues next time.

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  1. I love to know what was in the bug spray. Gardens quickly lose to Texas heat and bugs around here.

    1. Sure!

      32oz water
      1 tsp castile soap (you could probably use Dawn – I’ve seen other recipes that use it)
      25 drops of peppermint essential oil
      25 drops orange essential oil

      In my second batch, I added 25 drops lemon essential oil

      I just spray on when I see bugs, and after we’ve had a lot of rain. Be sure to get underneath side of the leaves, too. They like to hide under there!