Monday, July 01, 2013

Thoughts of Randomness

1. We’ve been busy this past week. Just…summertime stuff, really. Nothing spectacular. But recovering from camping, swimming, going to town to have lunch with Husband, and two baseball games, plus our regular stuff kept us pretty busy. Busy enough that the kids seem to have come down with some sort of cold-type bug. Sore throats and goopy eyes aren’t supposed to happen in the middle of a blazing hot summer.

2. I plan to do another garden update soon. We almost killed it, I think. But it’s starting to come back to life. We’ve even eaten a couple of strawberries here and there and will pick our first tomato in the next day or so.

3. The house is good. We love it. We still have some projects to do, but it’s coming along. The master closet needs to be my next project. Our builder was kind enough to put one hanging rack all the way around the closet, so it’s not the most efficient use of space and not all of our clothes fit. We’ve purged, believe me. I’m just still trying to figure out the best layout for the least expense. And then comes taking everything out of the closet. I think that’s the part I dread most. It will be worth it to get the wardrobe box out of my bedroom, though. One day.

4. I’m in the process of finalizing our plans for kindergarten. It’s a bit overwhelming, with everything that’s out there. I don’t remember kindergarten being such a big deal. We circled junk on pages, walked in lines, went to recess, and took naps. Oh, and learned how to order our drink for lunch – orange drink or milk. (I never chose milk, just in case you were wondering.)

5. We are thoroughly enjoying our Disney Movie Countdown. Or at least, I am. The kids are loving the weekly movie night with a special treat. I’m loving watching the classic (and new) Disney movies, and introducing the kids to some of my favorites. We’re watching Swiss Family Robinson in a couple of weeks, and I know Caedmon is going to love it. I’ve been looking forward to it all summer. I purposely scheduled it for the middle of the summer so we could thoroughly embrace the activity I have planned. This whole planning an activity or treat thing though…I’m not creative y’all. It takes a lot of brain power for me to come up with this stuff. But we’re having fun and I hope it will be something Caedmon can look back on and remember as being special (instead of cheesy or dumb).

6. Speaking of Disney (I have Disney on the brain lately, if you couldn’t tell), I drug Husband into the Disney Store one night last week when we were out sans kids so he could look for surprises with me. Yes. We went on a date. Babysitter and everything. And after we finished eating some of the best Mexican food ever (Chuy’s), we went to the Disney Store. It’s what cool parents like us do.

The bad part is that we would’ve loved to buy about half the store. But we finally chose a few special surprises for the kids for the trip. I was already going to be ordering T-shirts from the website, so I just combined it all into one order so I could get free shipping. It got here super fast, and y’all, the inside flaps of the box even had Disney characters on them! Opening that box, I felt like a kid at Christmas. Of course, I have to hide it all from the kids for a while. And I was instructed to hide it from Husband, as well. I think the waiting is more torturous for him than it is for me.

7. Caedmon’s birthday is coming up in just two short months. I have no idea what to get him. This has never been a problem before.

8. The Coach awarded Caedmon the game ball on Saturday after his baseball game. He got a hit from the pitcher both of his times at bat. He was beaming. Paying attention out in the field seems to be a big challenge for all of them, but they’re getting better. And Caedmon is enjoying himself.


9. Honor has been so two lately. She’s growing in stature and attitude. Her favorite thing these days is to pretend to be crying, or fake cry along with others when she thinks they’re upset. Even cartoon characters. Her bottom lip pokes out far enough to trip over, her chin drops, and she peeks out at you with her big blue eyes. The best part is when she announces, “I cying,” and makes sure you notice. This girl is a mess. This photo was completely posed, but we tried. You get the idea.


10. We’ve yet to have a summer rain shower the kids could play in. I think every kid should get to play in the rain. Every time we’ve had rain lately, it’s been accompanied by thunder and lightning. No good for outside play. So the other day when I was working out in the front flower bed, I set up the sprinkler so the kids could ride their “bikes” in it. They loved it.

sprinkler bikes

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  1. I just finally re-did my closet. I'm still in the process of putting everything back in there. Yes, I always put my stuff last. I spent about $50 and just did two long shelves on one side on top of each other. And the other side is one high shelf so that I can hang dresses. I'll see how it works. And then I have a drawer system (that I've had for years) in the middle of my closet in the back with my sweaters and the shoe rack to the right with some of my shoes. I bought a thing at Hobby lobby to hang my scarves on it (waiting on hubby to hang it up) as well as something to match for my robe and then something similar but different to hang my bags on it. I never want to do a closet re model again, so I hope this solves the problems.

    1. I bet your closet looks great! I'll get brave one day soon and tackle this thing. I don't know how much longer I can hold out!