Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Thoughts of Randomness

1. The Lion King arrived in our mailbox yesterday, thanks to pre-order. I was so excited. I’ve been singing the songs to Caedmon for weeks. He watched half of it last night, and yes, I sang the songs. He kept shushing me. And at one point, he put his hand over my mouth. Embarrassed by me already. Honor, however, didn’t mind the singing. Or the dancing. Yes, I danced. Us girls gotta stick together.

2. Honor scratched herself with her fingernails yesterday. Again. I swear I just clipped them. I cannot keep up with all the nail-clipping and maintenance that needs to be done around here. I haven’t painted my toenails in a month. And we won’t even talk about Oz’s.

3. I spent some time yesterday getting Caedmon’s fall clothes out and putting away some things that were too small. Which included all but two pairs of his shoes. And one of those is flip flops. It’s a good thing Husband bought him some new awesome shoes a few weeks ago. I pulled out some shoes I’d bought for him on clearance, and I hope they’ll hold us for a while.

4. Honor still has newborn clothes in her chest of drawers. And now she’s starting to wear 6-9 month clothes. Maybe I should put away the newborn stuff, huh? It’s not sentimentality that’s keeping me from doing it…I just haven’t had the time. The best time to change her stuff around is…during naptime, of course. And that won’t quite work.

5. I am loving the fall-like weather we’ve had lately. That’s all.

6. As I mentioned on Twitter/Facebook the other day, Caedmon has learned the classic, “Guess what? Chicken butt!” And I have to admit, it’s kind of funny. Especially since it sounds more like, “shicken” when he says it. I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon. Very soon. For me…not necessarily for him. I told him the other day that he might not need to say it other places because not everyone is allowed to say “butt.” So he decided he’d say, “Chicken hiney” when he needs to. But it’s just not the same.

7. We are loving The Sing-Off. It’s definitely one of the best “talent” shows on TV. And it’s one we can watch on the DVR while Caedmon is still up. That’s rare these days. And I especially love that each group has a wardrobe theme. Whoever does their wardrobe is as creative as the singers.

8. I made a cover for my camera strap on Sunday. And it’s…adequate. But then yesterday I found a tutorial on Pinterest for one that completely puts mine to shame. And I’m going to have to make another one with the tutorial. We’ll just call the first one a practice cover.

9. I still haven’t adjusted to Eastern Time. And with it staying dark longer in the morning, it’s not any easier. I am dreading time change for the sake of the kids and their sleep schedules, but I’m hoping it helps me.

10. I have nothing for #10, I just couldn’t leave the list with nine things.

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  1. chicken heiney?! ahahahahhaah i am dying.. seriously... dying....

  2. this list is awesome. just a little thing that I do for my kid's schedules: adjust the schedule 15 minutes later until you are an hour later than normal by the time daylight savings hits. Then when it switches, everything will be back on track.