Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Cookie Love

Last week, I sent some special boxes to NLB and Squirt. Yes, I am contributing to the “Freshman 15” on two campuses in two different states.

Their request was for cookies, of course. So cookies it was.

Chocolate Chip.


Mini M&M.


And Oreo-stuffed Chocolate Chip.

They looked like some sort of alien cookie, but they were so good. (Of course I had to make a few for us!)



I also sent them some hot chocolate mix and marshmallows. And Caedmon included some special artwork.


(Caedmon also included some “scissor art” for Coe, NLB’s roommate and our “other brother.” After I mentioned that NLB would be sharing his cookies with Coe, he specifically wanted to make some artwork for Coe. I thought it was kinda sweet.)


Caedmon carried Squirt’s box into the Post Office. He was so proud of himself. They’ve both received their packages and are enjoying the contents. We were glad to be able to send them some love in the form of sugar and chocolate.

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