Wednesday, September 14, 2011

He’s Super Fast

Remember when you were a kid and honestly thought that a new pair of shoes would make you run faster, jump higher, and just in general be more awesome? (Even if you didn’t have to pickle The Beast.)

Yeah, you do.

Caedmon is right there with you.

He got some new shoes on Monday. He slept in them at naptime. And has had them on almost constantly since then. Which also means he’s been wearing clothes…because you’re not going to wear shoes with just underwear…it’s just not right.


He’s pretty serious about them. They’re some serious shoes. And yes, they light up.


So he goes stomping around to make sure the lights are working.


And of course, they make him super fast.



I have a feeling he has a new pair of favorite shoes.

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  1. Those are some COOOOL shoes! Not at all like the shoes YOU hid when you were about his age. Yes, World. Sweet, little Miss Melissa HID her Sunday-Go-to-Meeting shoes. They weren't misplaced...she purposefully stuffed them in the bottom of a storage hamper. Didn't find them until she had outgrown them. Of course, her mom didn't buy cool shoes like Caedmon's.

  2. We have "fast shoes" in our house too!

  3. In my defense, Mom, I tried telling you those shoes were ugly before you bought them. You were warned. ;)