Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In Other News…

…the potty and Andy are so last week. I would say interest has waned, but that would indicate a slow decrease. When for accuracy’s sake, I would have to say that interest jumped off a cliff. Oh well.

…it’s finally stopped raining and has gotten warm again. Yesterday was our first time in the sprinkler this year. Yeah, he loved it.


…I finally retired my favorite wear-around-the-house-and-get-dirty-t-shirt. I didn’t have a choice. I mean, who wears holes in the back of their t-shirts?


It was 9 years old, but still. Really? The back? And I’ll admit I haven’t brought myself to throw it away yet. I just can’t seem to part with it for some reason. Another episode of Hoarders and I’ll be ready to toss it.

…now that we know the identity of The Candidate who took over caring for The Island, I thought it was time to reveal which of my Candidates won the right to be my new favorite mug. It was 23 – The Grimace.


If you know anything about LOST, you also know that was Jack’s number. It’s not bad looking, and is definitely a workhorse, willing to take on the responsibility of upholding the favorite mug status for as long as it can. Candidate 15 – The Paisley, like James Ford, was nice to look at, but you never could tell whose side it was going to be on that day. I needed more dependability from the favorite mug.

(And just for the record, my vote was for Hurley to be The Island’s guardian all along.)

…our “garden” is bearing fruit. Or vegetables, as it were. We have two tiny little squash. Hopefully they will actually grow to maturity and we’ll get to eat them.


…the mole that has been kept at bay in the past has fully infiltrated the yard, and I’ve about had it. I’m glad Oz doesn’t tear up the yard going after him, but at the same time, I want the mole gone. If anyone has any good anti-mole warfare tips, please let me know.

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  1. My favorite mole-demise legends - you can't use terms like "kill tactics" in such a refined setting... Put Juicy Fruit gum in the mole runs. They evidently like to chew it and like a 2 year old...they swallow the gum.
    Stick a water hose in the mole run and turn 'er on. Flood the run...the mole comes to the surface...then you are left to do something with the blind mole that is scratching and clawing in the mud. They make commercial products that you can purchase at WalMart - Mole and Gopher Bait. Max and Titan like to dig them up...I can loan you the two of them. They could have a mole taken care of in a few minutes. of course, it would take you the rest of the summer to fill in all the holes they dug. Happy Hunting.

  2. One other thing. Moles avoid the pasture. They run their trails along the outside of the fence. There isn't a mole run in any of our pastures. With that in mind. I could loan you a horse...or you could purchase an elephant...

  3. Deputy Like to hunt moles with a large fire arm... I think that is just a bit excessive myself.

    The waterhose method makes a big mess every time I try it... but it does work.

    I would try the Juicy Fruit if I were you. Cheap, easy, mess free. Personally... I just let my cats dig them up and bring them to me.