Monday, May 24, 2010

Big Weekend

Thursday night, we made a quick trip to Lowe’s to scope out some patio furniture. I’d planned on waiting until Memorial Day weekend to see if I could catch a sale, but I wanted to show Husband what I wanted. Sitting right next to the set I was planning on purchasing was a patio set that was on super-duper clearance. And we didn’t hate it. So we bought it and took it home. Friday morning we got it all set up.


Friday afternoon, M3 was in The Fort on business, so we went to see him for a bit. We ate some great hamburgers, then he and Caedmon had some fun at the park.


And just in case you don’t remember what M3’s “business” is, Caedmon is standing on Miranda Lambert’s stage, courtesy of “Uncle M3”. Pretty cool, huh?


He tried to teach Caedmon how to throw up a rock fist, but I’m not quite sure it worked.


Saturday, I went on a trail ride with Curly and her best friend D and D’s Mom, D. Confused yet? It was an 11 mile trail, and our horses did very well. We had fun. The only minor mishap was when D’s horse, Cody, got loose for a few minutes as we were saddling up. He just wanted to be close to his friends. I didn’t take my camera, but D’s Mom D did. I’m hoping to steal some of her photos off of Facebook, but they’ll probably all be of our backsides along with our horses’ backsides, so I’m not sure I want to post those.

Sunday was Sunday. Except that it was LOST finale Sunday. Which made it extra special. It was also special because we got to visit Husband’s Grandma H, who was in town visiting.


We swung thru Arby’s for dinner (thanks to M3) (and David Puddy), then went home to watch the LOST 4 1/2 hour marathon. And loved every second of it. The ending was probably not my favorite, but overall I’m pleased with it. I DVR’d Jimmy Kimmel (I couldn’t stay up to watch. I’m old.) and I’ll be watching the three alternate endings today during naptime.

So today it’s back to reality and grocery lists and toddlers with poopy diapers who claim there’s nothing stinky going on. I wouldn’t trade it for a hydrogen bomb in a hole in the ground.

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