Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another List. I Like Lists.

1. Don’t forget – today is the last day to register to win Forgotten God by Francis Chan. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow.

2. I have another giveaway coming soon, and I am really excited about it. The folks at are sponsoring this one, and I got to pick the prize. I love picking prizes. But it’s hard to choose from their stuff because they seriously have everything.

3. I found out that Frozen Tung is opening back up on May 15. If you don’t live in my area, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about and couldn’t really care less, and that’s ok. But I am excited. I have plans to go on opening day, even if it’s 40 degrees and raining. My life is so glamorous.

4. I am still craving that big fat juicy burger I talked about the other day. Jamie Oliver would probably still be sad about it. And? The lunch I sent with my child to KDO today would probably not make Jamie happy either. But at least the granola bar was organic. That counts, right?

5. I am already looking for fabric (ugh, I know) for Caedmon’s nap mat for KDO next year. I know you’re thinking I’m a bit early. Actually, I thought he was going to have to have one for this year and bought the mat last summer. So it’s been sitting up in the top of his closet, naked, waiting for a cover to be made for it. And maybe if I start the fabric shopping now, I can actually find something in time for Mom to get the cover made before August. I like to set achievable goals.

6. Speaking of sleeping (we were, right?), Caedmon’s been on a little developmental-growth spurt and has had trouble napping this week. As in zero nap Monday and Tuesday. I know not everyone has a kid whose naps are so fragile, but his certainly are. He hasn’t been able to be still or quiet in about 3-4 days. I finally got him to go to sleep yesterday afternoon by pulling him into my lap and pretty much holding him still until he fell asleep. Once he got still for about 7 seconds, he was out like a light. Poor thing. And I had to refrain from cheering so as not to wake him.

7. I am wondering when to let Caedmon start sleeping with a pillow. Anyone know the “proper” age? He asks for one occasionally, though I have no illusions that he’ll actually stay on it during the night. At this point, it would just be one more thing for him to play with.

8. I am on the hunt for a new swimsuit top. Just a top? Yes, because I already bought bottoms. I know. I like to do things the most complicated way sometimes. But I want what I like and I often don’t know what I like until I see it. So then I have to buy it right then or it won’t continue to exist after I leave the store and I’ll never find it again. Anyway, the bottoms are chocolate brown, and I’d like a top I can wear with it. But like I said, I’m picky. So I need something that covers well and can handle a 28-pound kid hanging on my neck in the pool, if you know what I mean. And I don’t want it to look frumpy. Or pay a lot for it. See, I’m easy to please.

9. I believe we are going to take a hiatus on Photo Album Rejects. If there’s a large outcry or interest in starting it up again, we’ll look at doing that at the end of the summer when everyone settles back into their routine.

10. I almost didn't have a #10, but then I remembered something very important. Remember last fall when my friends took their four small children to Africa for two months? The Kennedys went there to put the finishing touches on our church's orphanage and get things rolling. And they filmed the whole thing. And now it's going to be on TV. You can watch a promo here. I feel like I'm famous just because I know them. (Addis is one of Caedmon's best buddies. Talks about him all the time.) It's going to air nationally/internationally on the Daystar Television Network Sundays at 4:30pm CST. It's also going to be airing on our local ABC affilliate on Sunday mornings. I can't wait to watch. The DVR is already set!

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