Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clearly, I Need A Decorating Intervention

Ya’ll know I’m a thinker and a planner. I am planning on redoing Caedmon’s room, but I am not ready to do it yet. I know that makes no sense at all, so let me provide you with more of an explanation than you ever care to read and a couple of pictures to back it up.

Can I say “redoing” even though I never completely “did” his room? Maybe. Just go with me on this one.

I want to make a big deal out of the “big boy bed” when we make the switch (which, as you know, is coming sooner than I’d like, and probably before he’s 5), and I’m planning on not only turning the crib to a toddler bed, but moving the furniture and possibly even taking out the changing table and rocker. I’m thinking maybe the end of the summer (hopefully after we have some potty training under our belt).

I know. It’s a lot of changes at once. But as we’ve seen with the bah (that he still asks for), we might as well make all our changes at once and be done with it. If I try to do one thing at a time, I will never get anything done. A creature of habit, he is.

The problem is that I really have no picture in my head of what I want his room to look like. Usually I can come up with an idea and work toward it piece by piece. Like I said, I’m not in a hurry, I just want to know the direction I’m headed so I can pick up a thing here or there and get some good deals along the way.

I absolutely fell in love with this comforter from PBKids, but it doesn’t have a crib/toddler size, and I determined I would not pay that much for something that wasn’t really going to work. Even though it is adorable. And on sale. So I was stuck. I knew I had to find a bedding fabric before I could press on, since I have no theme or idea or anything in mind, really.

But I knew I didn’t want to have to repaint, although I might want to at some point. And I’ve already started this piece of wall art that might get finished before he goes to kindergarten, and it’s brown. But I did it brown because it was a neutral, not because everything has to match it. And I want some sort of play table in there, but nothing with characters (and I already have chairs for it that I like, but could repaint if I had to) and a shelf of some sort for toy storage.

Am I not just full of decisiveness?

I hate fabric shopping, ya’ll. Being in a fabric store for more than 5 minutes makes me start twitching. I think it goes back to some childhood memories I have of my Mother dragging me (and all 6 siblings) into the fabric store and choosing a pattern I knew I’d hate and a fabric that made me gag. Not that I was hard to please or anything. So suffice it to say that I hadn’t gotten far with the whole choosing a fabric thing.

And then I was browsing through the clearance area at my local store o’miracles, also known as Walmart, when a twin size comforter caught my eye. I walked past it, thinking, “That’s cute. I wish I could find something like that for Caedmon’s room.” And then I went back and looked at it. I did find something like that for Caedmon’s room. That one. Right there.

I called my Mom and asked her if she thought we could cut it down to the right size and it not look stupid. Of course, being the amazing seamstress she is (undoubtedly from all those hideous patterns and terrible fabrics), she said it shouldn’t be a problem. So I bought it.

For $21, I have Caedmon’s new comforter and sham. And maybe a little extra fabric for something else, depending on how big we make the comforter for his bed.



No repainting necessary. And the browns are perfect to coordinate with the wall art.

I’m on a roll, ya’ll. I did one whole thing. Just wait until I actually decide to get his room done.

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  1. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Love the colors in the comforter!
    I have yet to "decorate" my son's room, and he is almost 11 months old. His bedding I got resale and it matches - blue airplanes b/c Daddy was in the AirForce. I feel bad that all other babies have a cute nursery and his is plain. But my excuse is money and moving. Money was limited and we thought we would be moving a few months ago so I didn't want to paint or clutter...

  2. I know how you feel. I'm usually a "woman on a mission" when it comes to stuff like this, but sometimes you just get a block or have too many options. That is why I am IN LOVE with this networking/blogging craze. I love to ask and get ideas from friends. I am wanting to "refresh" some old furniture soon and if you know of anyone who has had success with paint point me in their direction.