Monday, April 26, 2010

Thoughts of Randomness

1. Our weather this past weekend has decided to revert back to cold. The rain I can handle. But bring back the warmth.

2. I have watched way too much Food Network lately. I have been craving a big, fat, juicy, not-made-by-me hamburger with all the bad-for-you extras. The kind that’s so fat you can hardly get your mouth around it and it drips all kinds of juicy stuff all over the place.

3. I’ve also been watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and I can say with confidence that Jamie would be very, very sad about #2.

4. Caedmon now believes that everyone has their own theme song. It is definitely a stretch to my non-creative, logical-thinking brain to come up with a personalized song for everyone we know. Clearly, I should employ a songwriter to fulfill the boy’s needs.

5. Ya’ll know I am too cheap to employ a songwriter as mentioned in #4.

6. If you’d like to come up with your own theme song, you’re welcome to do so.

7. I watched Avatar for the first time this past weekend. I liked it. There were several plot holes I wondered about, though I can only think of one example right now. I mentioned it to Husband and he tried to explain it, but I do not accept his version of reality and substitute my own. I’m pretty good at that.

8. James Cameron’s version of reality has made him a bazillionaire. I should really put my reality to work like that.

9. My current version of reality is that we are completely out of milk. Which is to say, breakfast was, indeed, a minor tragedy.

10. I really  have nothing else to say, but couldn’t leave this list with just 9 points. Happy Monday, ya’ll!

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  1. My personal theme song is "When the Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin. I have even renamed it "Personal Theme Song" in my iTunes.

    Waiting for when someone buys me that t shirt with a speaker in it that I can control remotely and play my Personal Theme Song for all when I walk in...

  2. I know the comments are supposed to be about the blog...and not about the comments...but I can't resist.

    A tshirt w a speaker that can be controlled to play your theme song when you walk in...clearly you haven't been a parent very long. Parents should always enter quietly and unsuspecting - so as to catch the children in their mischief!

    Guess I will have to have Evan play that song for I will recognize when you're coming! LOL

  3. Here is a link to said shirt

  4. Anonymous6:30 AM

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