Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thoughts Of Randomness (a.k.a. Another List)

1. This post is late because my brain is still recovering from Caedmon’s illness. He’s fine now, by the way. Unless you count having a tantrum every 8.3 seconds a problem.

2. Our back neighbors still have their Christmas tree up. How do I know? They put it in the window that faces my back deck. And because their attention to detail is so masterful, they never close the blinds. At least they’re not still turning the lights on.

3. As you know, Caedmon and I watch Lawrence Welk every Saturday night before he goes to bed. (Yes, I’m 80 years old.) He’s become very good at identifying the instruments in the orchestra and calls them out each time he sees a different one. “Pumpet!” (Trumpet) “Pombone!” (Trombone) “Carenet!” (Clarinet) Apparently he believes the Conductor plays the stick.

4. Our first necessary item to file taxes came in the mail last week. So begins the daily question, “When are we going to do our taxes?” I wish I could say, “Never.” I hate the way the government spends my money like it’s burning a hole in their pocket and then acts like I’m an idiot for caring. Let me also say I’m very skeptical about the “spending freeze” I’m hearing about. Doesn’t sound like much of a freeze to me.

5. Caedmon’s newest phrase is, “Momma, pum back!” (Momma, come back.) He uses it instead of “come here,” and I must admit that I laugh a little bit when he wants help with something and says, “Momma, pum back, hep me!”

6. I was putting gas in the Xterra the other day when the guy who was filling up on the other side of the pump got back in his car to smoke a cigarette. Seriously? I’ve watched Mythbusters and I know the whole cell phone and nylon panties triggering an explosion at a gas station is implausible, but little sticks burning with fire is not. Didn’t he see Zoolander, for crying out loud?

7. We are expecting a winter storm of epic proportions later in the week. A year ago this week is when Ice Storm 2009 rocked our world and did major damage to our area. To say I’m a bit paranoid would be an understatement. Forecasts are calling for freezing rain and sleet, followed by 6+ inches of snow. We are not used to that kind of stuff around here. Snow, yes. Ice, yes. But that much of it at the same time will cause us southerners to raid every store that carries food, batteries, and sleds. Just you watch. And if the power goes out, there will be at least one idiot who lights his grill in the kitchen to fix dinner and burns down his house.

8. If you don’t hear much from me toward the end of the week, it’s because we are in the throes of Epic Storm ‘10 (I’m going to go ahead and name it now) and we’ve lost power and/or internet.

9. I am a homebody, but the thought of not being able to go anywhere if I wanted to drives me crazy. I’m itching to get out of the house and I’ve been out twice today already.

10. I don’t really have anything for number ten, but I couldn’t leave this post with just nine points. It didn’t seem right.

That is all. Have a nice day.

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