Monday, January 25, 2010

A List For Today

I’m not quite sure I can string words together in a cohesive or coherent manner today, so let’s see what happens. A list might help.

1. I tried to buy a new thermometer on Friday. My pediatrician’s office uses an Exergen Temporal Thermometer and I have been covetous of one for a while. I’d planned on getting one on Friday. Caedmon had been waking up at weird times the past few nights and I knew something was coming. So I get to the store and…they’re out. I’d even made a special trip to get it. But, I thought no big deal, I’ll get one next week when I go shopping.

2. Saturday morning, Husband and Caedmon let me sleep in. It was glorious, especially since I’d been up with the boy extremely late.

3. When I got up, I noticed that the (old) thermometer was out. Husband said he’d thought Caedmon felt a bit warm but wasn’t able to get a good temperature on him. (Making a 2 yr-old sit still with something under his arm is a practiced art.) Aaaannddd…Husband was right. Caedmon had a fever. So I immediately called the pediatrician’s office to get a Saturday appointment before they all filled up. I wanted to avoid the near-eardrum rupture we had a few weeks ago. Plus, Caedmon told me his ear hurt.

4. I reminded myself that my Momma-Spidey-Senses had told me this was coming. Not that it made it any better.

5. I washed my hair. Hey, I’m being honest with ya’ll. The hair was nasty and even though, in theory, I could’ve put a cap on and taken the boy to the doctor, it wouldn’t have been a good thing in practice.

6. I got on the internet and located a temporal thermometer at Sam’s. (Yes, Walgreen’s was closer and had one too, but it was nearly $10 more. No way.) I decided that I’d grab Caedmon, hit Sam’s to get the thermometer, then go to the doctor.

7. Note to self: people feel the need to buy truckloads of crap everyday necessities at Sam’s on Saturday. Buying one thing is more of a challenge than it seems. Thank goodness for the Pharmacy check-out. But I did have to wait in line to get out of the store. I was desperate.

8. When you carry your child in his striped footie pajamas into Sam’s on Saturday, people give you weird looks.

9. I still made it to the pediatrician’s office 10 minutes early. We sat in the car a few minutes, and checked in 5 minutes early.

10. Every single person who was in the waiting room when we got there and about half a dozen who showed up after us were called back before we were. That really grates on my nerves.

11. The doctor declared Caedmon’s ears to be perfectly healthy. His right eardrum, however, did have a little dried blood on it. The doctor said that still could’ve been there if his eardrum ruptured a few weeks back. Apparently things like that take a while to go away. Especially when you are trying to do what you’re told and not stick a Q-tip elbow deep into your kid’s ear.

12. I was grossed out by how dirty my kid’s ears were. (They still are, by the way. You think I’m going to deep-clean a sick kid’s ears? No way. But soon, my friends. He won’t even know what hit him.)

13. While I’m at it, does anybody have any idea why my kid is the only person in the entire universe who sleeps less when he’s sick than he normally does? Less sleep + a super cranky boy = a worn out Momma.

14. We battled the fever the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday. But let me just say that I. love. the. new. thermometer. So fast. So easy, though there was a bit of a learning curve. However, you’d think that a thermometer you paid $30 for and has the technology to read two temperatures at once (the forehead and the ambient room temperature), has built-in anti bacterial properties and is powered by a 9v battery could also have a backlight. But no. No backlight. I guess you can’t have it all.

15. After Caedmon finally settled down and went to sleep last night, I raided the pantry for chocolate. I didn’t care what kind.

16. Today, I’m expecting to continue battling the fever. I’m just keepin’ it real. Every time Caedmon gets sick, he has fever a minimum of 3 days. I’m hoping we can keep it to the minimum.

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  1. You should have gone to Walgreens. Not for the Exergen, but for the Walgreens Digital Temple Thermometer. It is also non invasive, takes 6 seconds, has a back light, shows room temp, can also be used underarm, has a fever alert and has a medication dose timer. A lot of features and only $29.99

  2. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I think we kept our receipt...


  3. Thanks for the info, John. That sounds like a lot of bells and whistles on that thing!