Friday, January 08, 2010

Lost In Translation

As I mentioned the other day, the boy is talking a lot now. I have to share with you some of my favorite things he says.

Feel free to bask in his cuteness via your computer. Or, you know, click away because it’s all just too obnoxious.

When he gets ready to leave the room, Caedmon will say, “Momma, I back.” Because I might not be aware that he’ll be back in a minute, and he wants to make sure I’m ok with it.

“Momma, I sssnack.” He’s hungry. All the time.

“I none.” Actually, it means ‘I’m done’, but the ‘d’ sounds more like an ‘n’. It works.

“I doo-et!” The updated version of “I doot.” Because that’s so last month.

“Home!” He says this any time I put the car in park, whether we’re actually home or not. Most of the time, it’s when we’re pulling into the church parking lot. It’s nice that he feels at home there, but sometimes it makes me wonder if he’s there too much.

“Ho, Oz.” He lets Oz out of his crate in the mornings, and he greets him with his very own version of hello.

“I did it!” Said upon the completion of a task, whether he was the one who did it or not.

“I hab it.” (I have it.) Usually means that he wants something you have.

“I dot it.” (I got it.) Normally said with a huge smile on his face, for he is proud that he got whatever he was endeavoring to get.

“Momma, are you?” (Momma, where are you?) He’ll say this if he’s looking for me in the house or when he’s ready to get up from a nap. If it’s the latter, it usually sounds like “Momma, are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?”

I cannot possibly keep up with all the things Caedmon is saying now. There’s something new every day. However, the other day he repeated something he’d heard Daddy say and I’m not sure it’s appropriate for a 2-year-old to say “dang.” So we might have to work on that.

Caedmon constantly surprises me with the things he knows. Last night in the bath tub, he asked for a cup from his toy basket. Without thinking that he probably doesn’t know sizes, I asked if he wanted the big one or the little one. He stated that he wanted the little one. Surprised, I handed it to him, and he was happy. Now, I realize I had a 50/50 shot there, but I honestly believe he knew which cup was which.

I love watching him learn all these new things. It hasn’t gotten old yet, and I hope it never does.

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  1. I can relate to every word of that. Porter is doing the same thing! It amazes me what he knows. I just think he's a genius, but of course, there could be a smidge of bias there, but who cares.

  2. Your children are geniuses! I'm not the least bit biased. It is absolutely incredible to watch the assimilation of information that happens between the newborn and elementary ages. God has given the mind the incredible ability to accept and catalog trillions and trillions of bits of information. I just wish I had access to some of that information I stored, cause I'm missing a key piece or two!