Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Words Just Keep Coming

There’s been a language explosion at our house recently. The boy? He has started talking. As in using words. And forming sentences. Sort of.

I believe it all started a couple of weeks ago when Husband was tickling Caedmon. He turned to Husband and said, “Don’t, Daddy!” And pretty much ever since then, he’s been talking. If that’s what it took to get him using words, we should’ve been tickling him more.

The last few weeks have been like night and day. We went from the occasional two-word phrase two weeks ago to now having full-on tirades which you can mostly understand.

Except that you can’t really jump in on the middle of one of his little conversations because it might not all come out just right. Last night, Caedmon said something to Husband, to which he responded, “ok”, not knowing he’d just given the boy permission to turn the water on in the bath tub. You have to be careful with things like that.

I’d been told that when Caedmon decided to start talking, he might never stop. He’s not necessarily what I would call a “talker,” but he is definitely expressing himself much more efficiently. And it’s wonderful.

Most of the time.

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