Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Am Buzz Lightyear. I Come In Peace.

Caedmon is feeling much better. He’s not 100% yet, but the appetite is starting to come back, and he has moments of his regular “self” between the lag. The Sickness of Christmas ‘09 is officially on its way out. It will be hard to break him of the 2am snack, though.

On to more fun things!

Remember me telling you about Caedmon’s slight obsession with Toy Story?

Mimi and Papa Sam got Caedmon a Buzz Lightyear for Christmas. I knew he would love it. And in his own little understated way, he was ecstatic.

Christmas Day afternoon, after we’d gotten home from Mom & Dad’s, Caedmon had some play time, then it was time for a nap. He was still fighting a fever and desperately needed some rest.

But he was worried about Buzz.

So we put Buzz down for a nap. I laid him on the pallet in Caedmon’s floor I’d slept on the night before, and we tucked him in. Then Caedmon laid down in his bed. After an hour, he was still awake and chattering away.

I was quite surprised he had stayed awake that long. He was exhausted. And feverish. There was no way he should still be awake.

As soon as I went in, he started telling me what he was concerned about: Buzz.

Caedmon: Momma, Buzz’s shoes on?

Me: What? Buzz is taking a nap, remember?

Caedmon: Buzz’s shoes off, Momma!

Me: You want me to take Buzz’s shoes off?

Caedmon: Uh-huh, otay.

Apparently the thought of Buzz sleeping with his shoes on was quite unacceptable to the boy. Only one problem. Buzz’s shoes don’t come off. But I pretended, told him I’d taken them off, and he settled down and went to sleep in a matter of minutes.

Husband and I realized we’d be in for it at bedtime. So Husband fashioned a bed for Buzz out of a photo storage box. And before Caedmon went to bed, we put Buzz to bed and covered him up with a wash cloth. Not before taking his shoes off, though.

As we were up a few times during the night fighting The Sickness of Christmas ‘09, Caedmon would ask about Buzz. He wanted to check on him, making sure he was covered up.

The next morning, Caedmon was oh-so-happy to get Buzz out of bed. Buzz has been everywhere with Caedmon, and we even wrote his name on the bottom of Buzz’s foot, just like in the movie. Well, except that we wrote “Caedmon” instead of “Andy”. Also, I wrote it on one foot, Caedmon wrote on the other. Well, mostly on the other.DSC07802 Adorable? I think so.

The day after Christmas when Mom & Dad came over, they brought a gift for Caedmon from Cousin Q. Caedmon opened it to find…another Buzz Lightyear. He was a bit confused.DSC07735 But all is well. We received blessings from Curly to exchange Buzz #2 for a Woody, and made the switch during our family trip to Walmart.

Woody and Buzz are best buddies, and Caedmon kind of likes them, too. DSC07790I know it's just Wednesday, but I'm going to spend the rest of the week recovering from The Sickness of Christmas '09, getting Caedmon (and myself) back on schedule, possibly putting some Christmas things away, and watching the John Adams mini-series with Husband.

Have a safe and Happy New Year, everyone. See you in 2010!

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