Monday, November 30, 2009

Lots Of Thanks And Giving

We had a great Thanksgiving week, and I hope you did too. Again, words can’t describe it all, so here are a few photos. (Captions above the photos this time, thankyouverymuch.)

We visited the Nature Center with Poppy. Caedmon had fun exploring the germ-ridden place that had just been vacated by two school buses full of elementary children. DSC06895 And though you’re not supposed to touch your germy hands to your face, no one ever said anything about sticking your face on a pair of weird, germy binoculars.DSC06919 And because we hadn’t had enough of the places to pick up every germ in the world, we visited the mall and “rode” every one of the coin-operated vehicles. Twice. The “tak-ter” was the favorite.DSC06923 Caedmon had a sudden obsession with self-portraits, then viewing the self-portraits on the camera.DSC06946 DSC06948 DSC06953 A little pre-Thanksgiving dinner nap. (Don’t talk to me about the paci. You weren’t there.)DSC06955 And some post-nap, post Thanksgiving dinner play with Cousin J.DSC06979And some post-nap, post Thanksgiving dinner, post-play ice cream. DSC06991And some my-Thanksgiving-nap-wasn’t-long-enough-and-I’m-beyond-delirious hat-wearing. DSC07018At the Christmas parade with Cini on Saturday night. (Aunt Squirt was riding her horse with her drill team in the parade.) DSC07043 And Cousin Q’s arrival on Sunday morning.DSC07067 DSC07070 And a late Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday afternoon with my family, complete with some Blueberry Salad that I packed up and took to Curly and Deputy Guy at the hospital. There’s no way they were missing out!

There are no pictures of said celebration (at least on my camera), as we were all too busy eating, playing cards, and watching Toy Story with Caedmon.

Now it’s back to the real world. The cabinet shelves are bare and the washing machine is bone dry. Time to get to work!

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