Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Used All My Brain Power Writing This Post, So There’s Really No Title

So, remember how I said that Sunday night Caedmon had been up, asking to be rocked? Um, yeah, that was pretty much our entire night. By 10:30 I was in his room, laying on the floor beside his bed since he’d been crying and asking for me every few minutes. And by 10:31, he was in the floor beside me.

We “slept” on the floor in his room all night. I have never in my life wished to own an air mattress – of any kind – but I would’ve paid dearly for one at about 2am. Even some sort of pool flotation device. Caedmon probably slept more than I did, though I did get in a few winks in between him coughing in my face and asking for a drink of “ice water.” Poor guy.

And if you’re wondering why I didn’t just take him to my bed in the first place, that has been an epic failure on many occasions, and there was no need to drag Husband into that misery.

His fever came back at some point, and at 3:45am Monday morning, it was snack/ice water/temperature-taking/watch a few infomercials time. It was a rough night. By 7am, he was up and ready to go…straight to my bed to watch cartoons.

(A side note for the folks at Disney: I really don’t mind the majority of your preschool/younger kid-age shows, but if there’s one that really grates on my nerves, it’s “Special Agent Oso”. And of course, it must be on at 7am, when my nerves are especially fragile.)

I did the thing any responsible parent with a child who has a temperature of 102.4 does and waited until exactly 8am with my trigger-happy finger over the “send” button, called the pediatrician and cancelled my dentist appointment.

Apparently there were a lot of people hovering over their phones at 8am Monday morning, because when we got to the doctor’s office, the place was packed. It took us a whole hour there, which is probably the longest I’ve ever spent in that office. It really wasn’t bad, especially since Caedmon’s fever was down and he wanted to touch every germy surface in the place and pretend he wasn’t sick. He didn’t even have a smidgen of a temperature when the nurse checked him. And when we waited in the room for the doctor? I thought he was going to use the exam table as a gymnastics platform.

Thankfully, Dr. S saw right through that little-kid charade and pronounced Caedmon officially sick with a very nasty ear infection, and told me his eardrum could actually burst. Great. He said Caedmon most likely had and got over a respiratory virus, then developed the ear infection, which is why all the up and down fever and stuff. But the good news is that there’s medicine for the ear infection, whereas if he’d just still had a virus, it would’ve been a “watch and wait” kind of thing. Not that I’m glad he has an ear infection, by any means. I’m just glad we can actually do something about it.

After one dose of the magic pink stuff, Caedmon took a nap of all naps (I even got to sleep a while). Husband came home a bit early and we made a grocery run as a family. Because we like to be edgy like that.

Now I’m off to go put on my pajamas at 8:12pm and pretend there’s no housework that needs to be done, no Christmas decor that needs to be put away, and no laundry that needs to be washed. I’ve already planned a day of leisure tomorrow, having promised Caedmon that he could watch cartoons in my bed tomorrow morning. It’s a different leisure than I used to dream of, but right now it sounds just about perfect.

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  1. Curly6:18 PM

    I have an air mattress that I could have brought to you. I was probably up at that time anyway.

    I don't have an air pump though.

  2. I loved the comment, "it's a different kind of leisure than I used to dream of..." It just all depends...