Monday, November 16, 2009

He’s Back!

NLB returned from his Air Force Training this past week and we had a little get-together at Mom & Dad’s yesterday to welcome him home. Because he hasn’t had enough abuse heaped on him the past five and a half months. Or, as someone put it yesterday morning, he’s been “on vacation from the family” for nearly six months…time to get back to work!

Oh, but before we went to church, someone decided to take an interest in something they had so violently loathed a few short weeks ago. I give you the hat: DSC06816Of course, there was no shortage of entertainment for Caedmon at Mom & Dad’s. He conned Uncle Deputy Guy into taking him to the barn. Then he hung out with Uncle HLB a bit. They had just started raking a large pile of leaves to slide into when it started raining. Ya’ll know how my boy loves “yain,” so he and HLB’s girlfriend (sorry, no blog name yet!) had a fun time running into the house together and left HLB to put the rake away. Running From The RainWe had a nice family lunch. Chili and Mac & Cheese. It was hot…so Caedmon and I had to blow on it to cool it off.Hot!The dessert I made didn’t last long.DSC06812After lunch, Caedmon took a nap and the rest of us sat down in the living room to hang out. Trump had brought her seven puppies over to visit (and possibly try to pawn one or two off on someone), so there were plenty to go around. At some point, NLB ended up with two of them and they all three napped.Sleeping with PuppiesBy the way, if you’re in the market for a Welsh Corgi/Blue Heeler puppy, I know Trump would love for you to have one. They’ll be ready just in time for Christmas!

Caedmon woke up and after a snack (of course!) we came home. He found much joy in running around “nake-t” most of the evening. (He pronounces it like “nake” except with a ‘t’ at the end, which really isn’t naked, it’s just minus a few articles of clothing). I’d show you a picture, but they’re all pretty blurry. The boy was streakin!

Just an aside, I don’t think that Caedmon, in the history of his life, has taken a long nap on Sunday, the day he most desperately needs it. Except for yesterday. He slept two and a half hours at Mom & Dad’s. He might be taking more Sunday afternoon naps over there!

We are glad to have NLB home. Maybe I’ll even make him some chocolate chip cookies soon to prove it.

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