Monday, November 02, 2009

I’m Coming Down From My Sugar High

I hope ya’ll enjoyed your Halloween. We had great weather and lots of fun. You can’t beat good food, lots of candy, and your hometown college football team running roughshod over an opponent after a few heartbreakers.

I had great plans for Caedmon and his costume. We weren’t really planning on going trick-or-treating, but we were going to a party or two. The plan just kind of came together, too. And it was basically free. And adorable. How could you beat that?

I’ll tell you how.

By actually wearing the costume.

Poor Caedmon. He’d been begging to wear his new hat for a week. He’d been wearing the boots for a few months. And the pistols are a recent addition that he knew exactly what to do with the first time he gripped the plastic pearl handles. He was going to be a cowboy.

Oh, but it gets better.

Because Mom offered to let him wear the leather chaps and vest that my brothers wore. The very same chaps and vest that had belonged to my Dad when he was little. DSC06330 I know. Can it get any more sweet and sappy than that?

Yes. But it would require, again, actually wearing the costume.

We got ready for our party, and I put Caedmon’s costume on minus the pistols. I decided to take photos right away. DSC06344 Things started off ok.DSC06350 He was even tipping his hat for me.DSC06353 And almost said, “howdy.”DSC06356 And then the hat started giving him trouble.DSC06361He was worried about it. Stepping on your hat is probably not a good thing.DSC06370 And putting it on sideways isn’t the best way to go, either.

Things went downhill from there. He got mad at the hat and was finished with it. Then, he was a bit dismayed that he couldn’t see his boots because the chaps covered them up. And of course, the vest was next.

I thought we were going to get away with just wearing the boots and jeans, but right before we left, he and the boots had some sort of disagreement and he shed those in the middle of the living room and insisted on wearing his Crocs. So my adorable little cowboy morphed into a small version of a lumberjack who wears comfy shoes.

I didn’t really care, honestly. I gathered up all of his stuff and took it with us, but he would have nothing to do with any of it. He was too busy going from being shy and clingy to begging to play outside with the big kids.

Husband and I have eaten more of his candy than he has. Some of those things just might not be safe for him, you know. Especially if it involves chocolate and peanut butter. Not safe at all.

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  1. I am definitely missing the left over chocolate from my kids' candy stash - since I didn't have any trick or treaters. Guess I will have to go buy some "on sale" halloween candy. I suppose Caedmon just didn't understand the "dress up" concept. I really thought he would like the cowboy Papa Duke and all...because Keith always wears his when Caedmon is here.

  2. At least you got some pictures!

  3. So glad you got a few adorable pictures first. :) He's sooooo cute! However, I can definitely relate. Elise wears stuff only when she's in the mood. Luckily right now she's really into princessy stuff and makeup. Last spring for a dress up birthday party - not so much. :)