Friday, May 29, 2009

Vacation Much!

And now, the rest of the story.

(Blatantly stolen from Paul Harvey.)

So here’s how we spent the rest of our vacation.

C had his last day of Kids’ Day Out. He was sad to leave his teachers.DSC03360Here’s the t-shirt they’d made for him to wear home that day.DSC03367DSC03362During the week, I also discovered that C can now reach stuff on the kitchen table, even things in the middle. Yeah, I found that out after he pulled my half-full mug of (hot!) tea off and nearly spilled it and dropped it on the floor.

Then, I replaced it on the table, this time in the middle. A short while later, he managed to pull it off again and spill what was left of it (now cooled) all over himself. And the carpet.

And grab the ink pen from my grocery list-in-process and write on himself.

See? He’s growing up.

He’s also begun eating out of the trash.

Wait, let me clarify that.

I’d made French Toast for dinner from some less-than-fresh bread. As I cleaned up, I tossed the remainder of the loaf into the trash.

Apparently, when C went to throw some paper away for me, he found the bread and decided he needed a snack. Forgetting, obviously, that he’d just filled his belly with two slices of French Toast and two heaping helpings of fresh berries and bananas.

He even brought the bag to share. See? He’s thoughtful, too.DSC03372 Saturday, I spent most of the day pulling out the old dirt box, cleaning it out, and turning it into a sandbox for C. He sat for a solid half-hour pouring sand into and out of buckets and containers (and all over himself). DSC03429I put some plants in the bare spot where the old box was. I was hoping the white fencing would keep the dog and boy out, but the dog fits through the gaps and has already made the flowerbed his “home” if you know what I mean. DSC03427Our vacation was officially over on Tuesday, but we went over to Mom & Dad’s to say goodbye to NLB. He’s off to Basic Training for the Air National Guard. No cookies for him for a while. He’ll be fine, though. None of his Drill Instructors will hold a candle to Mom.

I gave NLB a card with some sisterly advice, the most warm and fuzzy part being, “Don’t be stupid.” See? I do care.

Here’s C with NLB just before he left. C was a bit disgruntled that his hotdog-eating had been interrupted. (He’d only had two at this point. Obviously, the boy needed sustenance.)DSC03400 Vacation is great, but it wears a girl out. I think I’m actually glad to let things get back to normal, whatever that is this week.

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