Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Time For Everything (Video Link Added)

Yesterday started out a little iffy. Before I even got my teeth brushed I caught Oz chewing on the window sill in the living room. And he went back later for seconds.


But given what was before me in the afternoon, the whole window thing was not a big deal.

Yesterday afternoon, I attended the memorial service for a sweet, precious baby who was born one week ago today.

Last week, Jason and Katie lost their baby girl, Reese Catherine. Needless to say, it was unexpected and heart-wrenching.

The chapel at the church was packed. Jason and Katie’s family and friends were there showing their support in full force. I had a package of Kleenex in my purse and fully expected to need a few.

And then I found out that Katie would be giving Reese’s eulogy and decided I might need the whole package.

Katie was strong and clear as she spoke. She shared her thoughts and emotions about her time with Reese. And her thoughts and emotions about her time without Reese.

She had a wonderful testimony about how God had answered her every complaint through scripture. And that while they didn’t understand everything, you either believe that God is everything He says He is, or He is nothing. And we know He is not nothing.

You can go here to watch the video that was played at the service. The photos are courtesy of Lisa Mac Photography and nowilaymedowntosleep.org.

The days ahead will be tough for Jason, Katie, and big brother Zach. Please keep them in your prayers.

Two years ago last week, our friends Brad & Becky lost their little girl, Isabella Hope. It was a heartbreaking time for their family.

Sunday night, Brad, Becky, and big brothers Nate and Noah welcomed Levi Holden into their family, weighing 4 pounds, 10 ounces. He is a handsome little guy, and an answer to prayer.

God allows pain, healing, and restoration in our lives. In ways we can never imagine. His plans are perfect for us, if we will accept them and trust in Him.

That’s not to say everything will be easy. And everyone’s journey is different. But God gives us friends and family to support us in the difficult times as well as the good. You might need that someone today. You might need to be that someone today.

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