Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Keep The Carseat Cool

I know, summer is almost over, but I thought I’d share this tip anyway.

Last summer when I realized C’s carseat would be staying in the blazin’ hot car in the summer heat, I wanted to do what I could to help it not get so hot you could fry an egg on it while we were in a store. Because if there’s anything worse than getting into a hot car, it’s being strapped into a seat that’s been sitting in the direct sun.

So I looked around, tossed around a few ideas, and finally came up with something that works for us.

I use an accordion-like sun shade (the kind for the car’s windshield) to drape over the carseat when it will be in the direct sun. I can pull it out and position it over the carseat with one hand, which is important while trying to hang on to a wiggly boy.

It cost about $10 at Wal-Mart. And when I’m not using it, I fold it up and store it in the floorboard under C’s feet.

Recently I’ve seen this sun shade, made specifically for carseats. And it’s reasonably priced. It looks like you have to use both hands, though.

So that’s my WFMW for today. Head on over to We Are THAT Family for more tips!

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  1. great idea! you may want to invest in window goes a long way in keep the car cooler and keeping the sun out of the little guys eyes.....we did and I never regret it.

  2. Our windows are tinted in the back, but they're not super dark. It does help, though. And we use one of those static-shades that stick to the window to help keep the sun off of him while we're in the car.

    The reflective shade over the carseat just helps keep the seat so much cooler, it's worth the extra few seconds it takes to put it on.