Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Issy

One year ago, Isabella Hope went straight from her Mommy to Jesus.

Issy was a beautiful little girl whom God had special plans for. We might not ever really understand why she didn't get to stay and play with us. But Isabella Hope touched many lives and hearts during her all too short time on earth.

I promise you, she and Chickster must have had some sort of telekenesis going on because they seemed to know when each other was around, even in their Mommies' tummies. It's like they were having little playdates that only they knew about. Oh, and the Mommies. We knew. It was hard to ignore the kicking and punching.

Happy Birthday, Issy. We miss you. Have a good party in heaven with the angels!

And special love and hugs to Brad, Becky, and big brothers Nathan and Noah today. We love you guys! Pin It


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  2. Thank you my friend. You are right, Chickster and Issy had a special bond and so do their Mommies. Thank you for a beautiful post in my miracle's memory. Love you.