Monday, August 24, 2009

He’s Ba-ack!

My son has been like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde the past week. Sweet and normal one second, screaming his head off over something meaningless the next. I know, we’re getting close to 2 and that’s what I was blaming it on.

But then he started asking to get in his bed with his nite-nite, bah, and some books during his normal roomtime in the mornings. Odd, but if the boy wants to be in his bed, I’ll oblige.

Then I found out he’s got molars coming in. The Teething Monster is back. And yep, that pretty much explains it. The crankiness, the clinginess, and apparently the obsession he has with his bed.

His 1-yr molars all came in at once, but it took a month. This time it’s just the bottom ones coming in, and one of them is about to break through the gums. At least I think so.

I remember last time it seemed like they took a sweet forever to actually come in, even after you could feel them poking thru.

I’m really hoping they are fast. And I’m also hoping I can keep my sanity. Because there are two more behind them.

And the boy needs his teeth, I suppose. I just wish they’d hurry up and get here before it’s time to start losing them.

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