Monday, July 20, 2009

All The Fun New Things

One of the perils of Motherhood that could also be considered a joy is when your kid starts doing new things on a completely random basis.

A peril because you don’t know what that new thing will be, and where it will happen.

A joy because it’s so cool to see them make a connection and do something they’ve never done before.

C did two new things this past week. Thankfully they were neither embarrassing or dangerous.

Since the beginning of time (well, since he was a teeny little guy anyway), I’ve called his lovey a rag. Because that’s what it is.

Really, it’s a cloth diaper. The kind you could actually fold up and put on a little behind. We used them for burp cloths and it was just a natural progression that he would use one as his security blanket.

He’s almost 2 ya’ll, and though he’s slept with a rag every night and every nap, he’s never had a name for it or even a sound dedicated to it.

Until a few days ago.

He’s started calling it “nite-nite,” which makes total sense. I just don’t get how I can call it a rag for his entire life and he decides that he’ll call it something totally different. I guess it’s just one of those things.

He’s also cranked the bossiness up a notch.

We were out playing in the pool (yes, he’s allowed back in the pool now! Thank you Jesus, for those $35 antibiotic drops!) and he and Oz started getting a little wild.

Imagine that.

Typically when Oz gets too wound up, I will make him lay down and stay until he chills out a bit. C obviously knows the routine, because when Oz got a little crazy, C turned to him, put his little hand out and said, “Tay!” (“Stay!”)

The cool thing is, Oz did it. I don’t know if he was really listening to C and doing it out of obedience or if he was just tired of running around like a crazy dog and needed a little rest. Either way, the boy was pleased with himself.

I was pretty happy too. I might just have a little dog trainer on my hands. If, that is, I can keep them from wrestling with each other in between obedience commands.

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