Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The End Of An Era

It’s time. I’ve been dreading it. But we really can’t avoid it much longer. It’s time to ditch the paci.

I am in some serious need of some advice from those of you who have been through The Great Paci Deprivation before me.

Because at this point, I am fresh out of ideas.

C is not super addicted to his paci or “bah,” as he calls it. He is only allowed to have it at naptime and bedtime. He doesn’t ask for it during the day. And he is perfectly capable of sleeping without it.

But he really likes the paci/bah. When I get him up in the mornings, he usually sucks on it a little while I stand at the chest of drawers, trying to get him to put it into the paci drawer. In fact, sometimes he’ll start to put it in the drawer, then pop it back into his mouth for a few more pulls before dropping it off for good. And some days we even have to say bye-bye to it.

And when I tell him it’s time for a nap or bed, usually the first thing he says is, “Bah?” Yes, you can have your bah.

And while I’m not one to be a killjoy, (who am I kidding, I’m totally a killjoy) it’s time to give it up. Why? Honestly? You really want me to tell you? Because I will.

It’s not because the doctor or dentist said so. It’s not because he’s constantly got it in his mouth and can’t talk around it, since that’s not an issue. It’s because I’m totally over the paci. Over it, I tell you.

When C loses his paci/bah in the middle of the night, I have to get up and go help him find it. Sometimes he sleeps straight through or finds it himself. And sometimes he’s up looking for it two times a night, can’t find it, and starts crying. When he starts that pitiful, “Bah! Momma, bah!” I cave and get up to help him find it.

But the era of the paci/bah is going to have to end soon. I am strong. I can do it. I just want to choose the right time and the right method.

So ya’ll tell me what’s worked for you, and more importantly, what didn’t work and you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

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  1. I don't have any great ideas for you...but you can be sure I will check back often to this post for to steal any you happen to get.....I must admit...I am NOT strong! I do enjoy my sleep and I am NOT looking forward to taking Ethan's "pa" away, but like you it is getting very old to have to go in the room in the middle of the night when someone the "pa" has fallen between the bed and the wall! Good luck on your mission, as soon as I gather enough courage to do so we will join you! :)

  2. Lynlee had a "bah bah" so very close to C! I swore I was going to get rid of the paci at 18 months and I finally broke in at about 25 months! She LOVED that thing, so I had to get creative! Plus cutting the tip didn't work for her. We mailed ALL umpteen pacies to all the babies in the world that needed them! So that means we got a box, wrapped it in brown paper with lots of tape, wrote a phony address on the box, put a 1 cent stamp on it, walked it out to the mail box, put the flag up, and said our last good-bye! She participated in every part of the process so she took ownership of what she was doing. Plus she kind of understood what the mail process involved. She got cards in the mail and we would mail other stuff to friends. I think that would be a big key, but also not hard to do.

    After we mailed them, she would occasionally ask for a "bah bah" and we just told her that she mailed them to the babies. Then the requesting was over. It really worked well for Lynlee Kate. She even saw a baby with a similar paci and she really believed that baby had one of her pacies.

    I have also heard about tying it to a ballon and letting it float away. Letting HIM throw it out the window! I will keep thinking of other ways that I have heard about and I will let you know!

    Good luck.

  3. We took Liem's away at 14 months. He was a lot like C...didn't really have it during the day, just while sleeping. We just threw them all in the trash can & threatened grandparents into throwing theirs away also! He did great, only cried for a couple of nights! Good Luck!!

  4. I'm the cry it out type Mom. I've never had the paci problem. But I would approach it the same way I've approach sleep training and other behavioral issues. Let him cry it out. Take it away in whatever fashion you so desire. I've heard letting him give the paci's to a real baby.
    Start with naptime and work your way to bedtime. It might take a week of crying and sleepless nights for you both, but it will be worth it.
    Hope you find a way to make it work for you all.

  5. Okay...maybe the nighttime thing isn't about the paci - maybe it's about "you." He is dependent on you and the paci. Wean him off one first and then the other. Wean him from having to have you - let him cry when he can't find his paci. Then he will either find it or learn that he doesn't have to have it. The fact that you get up to come help him find it at night makes him think that YOU think he needs it. After he gets over thinking that YOU need him to have the paci it will be easier to figure out a way to get rid of them completely.

  6. I've quite seriously thought about just quitting going to help him find it at night. I might try that first, then ease into it from there.

    I've just heard so many stories about kids who quit napping when their paci was taken away, and I do NOT want that to happen! That scares me more than anything else!

  7. Curly9:03 PM

    If you take bah away before your next adventure... you will have to pay dearly!