Saturday, August 09, 2008

Yes, It Happens

Chickster is a happy guy. He's generally cheerful and pleasant. But every now and then he has a rough day.

People don't tend to believe it, though. He has his solemn moments when we're out, but he rarely "loses it" in public.

And I'm thankful. It's so nice to have such a happy, agreeable little boy. We have a great time together.

But it makes those tough days even harder, knowing that he's totally not himself. Not just because of the general unhappines, but because you know he must have something really bothering him if he's that upset.

Since the Teething Monster has practically moved in at our house this past month with four teeth trying to come in all at the same time, we've had a few bumpy days.

And here's a little evidence.

So see, it does happen. We have rough days. But I'm so very thankful that they're much less frequent than the good days.

And I'm thankful that those teeth are almost in. I'm ready to evict the Teething Monster. At least until next time. Pin It

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