Friday, August 08, 2008

Big Boy Haircut

Chickster went with his Daddy for his first full-fledged big boy haircut yesterday. (I should make note that this isn't his first haircut. He's already pretty experienced at getting his 'do done.) We are very thankful that Mr. Rob was kind enough to agree to cut a wiggly little boy's hair!

Before the haircut, waiting their turn.

Getting set up and ready.

Starting to cut!

After the haircut...playing with the comb he'd wanted to get his hands on the whole time.

Loving that comb!

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  1. Aw, he looks so cute! Doesn't the first haircut always make them look so old all the sudden. Mr. Rob did Peyton's first haircut also. ;)

  2. Yeah, I can't believe how much he's grown lately, and I've been thinking about how much of a "big boy" he is getting to be. And yes, the haircut adds to it!