Monday, May 12, 2008

The Teething Monster

The Teething Monster has outstayed his welcome at our hosue. Chickster's second tooth has been trying to come in for a good two weeks now. It keeps coming up, then shrinking back down, causing swollen gums and a sore (in more ways than one) baby.

The horrible monster has even been disrupting Chickster's sleep, keeping him awake at all hours of the night. And in effect, keeping me (and sometimes Husband) awake too.

I feel so bad for poor little Chickster. Mouth pain is one of the worst kinds, and there isn't much I can do for him. We have survived on a diet of teething tablets, frozen wash cloths, frozen teething rings, and bubble gum flavored ibuprofen.

Last week, Chickster's nose started running, the slobber kicked it up a notch, and he ran a fever. His shirt was wet to his belly button because I couldn't keep up with the flow, and he wouldn't leave a bib on. I thought maybe, just maybe, that meant the tooth would finally be coming in and the Teething Monster would go and wreak its havoc on someone else's house for a while.

No such luck.

So here we are, days later. Still no tooth (though we can see it taunting us through the gums), and the Teething Monster is still here. I know he'll be back quite a few times, but I sure do wish his visits would be shorter!

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1 comment:

  1. AMEN!! My little one just turned 16 mos but only has six teeth. He has chewed on his fingers until they are sore too. And our sleep is interrupted. I didn't go to bed until this morning at 6:30am!! I haven't tried the teething tablets.