Friday, August 08, 2008

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

I guess I've pretty much come to terms with the whole goof-up at Children's. I still hate that we'd planned to go and couldn't. And I still hate that now Chickster's face won't be healed by his birthday (or Thanksgiving, since our next surgery will be pushed to the middle of November). And I still hate that some random person was able to call and cancel my son's appointment.

Ok, so maybe I haven't come to terms with it.

But we did make good use of our Tuesday and went swimming at Cini and Papa Duke's. And Papa Duke was home, so Chickster got to spend some time with him. That was good, since he's usually working when we are there. Chickster also got to pet a horse, watch a giant dog play with a tiny mouse, and swim with the neighbor kids.

Oh, and Papa Duke taught him to play with his food. Not that he needed any encouragement in that area. On Wednesday, when we went to lunch with some of my friends, Chickster enjoyed rolling his peas around the table just like he and Papa Duke had done the day before. Thanks, Dad.

So yes, we will go to Children's the end of next week. We'll just keep following the Yellow Brick Road until we eventually get there. And guess what. Our appointment won't get cancelled by some random person.

Because I'm going to call today and confirm.

And then a couple of times next week, too.

They'll be so tired of me calling, they'll be begging us to come. But doggone it, if someone calls and tries to cancel Chickster's appointment again, they'll double check before doing it!

Because even though I look nice and sweet, some nasty old Flying Monkey would be welcomed compared to what I would turn into if that happens again! Pin It


  1. Anonymous2:35 AM

    Where the heck are the flying monkeys when I come to visit? Flying monkeys are cool.


  2. We run them off so you have a place to sleep!