Thursday, January 31, 2008

Goodbye, Miss Criket

It is with mixed feelings and definitely a heavy heart that I write this. For the last five, nearly six years, we've had a great little Jack Russell we call Criket. We got her when we lived in Texas from a breeder/trainer we had taken Argus to for training classes. Today Criket is going back to Texas.

Criket has always been a sweet, loving dog. We have called her our "ninja dog" because of her mischevious nature and ability to be sneaky and end up being naughty in places we never thought she could get to. She has been a mighty hunter and proudly brought her trophies to show us. She's brought a lot of happiness to our house over the last five years along with some frustration and craziness, to be totally honest.

Sadly, we are unable to allow Criket to remain a part of our canine family. Since Chickster came along it has been a challenge to manage the dogs, to say the least. However, Criket has been the biggest challenge of all. She seems to have adopted Chickster as her own, and feels the need to "protect" him and his things from Argus, which ironically often means stealing his stuff and chewing it up. And it has gotten worse instead of better. This has caused several dog fights in the past few months (they have an occasional spat, but this has been way more than we are used to), two of which I have been caught in the middle of, which was not fun. She also has a very difficult time controlling herself around Chickster - trying to lick him from one end to the other, and always wanting to be in his face. On the surface it sounds cute. But in reality, it is a recipe for disaster. Chickster can't defend himself, and as of yet can't get away from her. I don't think she would ever do anything to intentionally hurt him, but just like I have been caught in between the dogs' fights lately, we are afraid the same will happen to Chickster. And I can't stand the thought of him being bitten, intentional or not.

Sure, we could keep her and work out an elaborate system to where Criket, Argus, and Chickster are never in the same room together at the same time. But my sanity is important to me - what little I have left. And it wouldn't be foolproof - somebody would leave a door open or something. And then what? Criket would have to spend a lot of time crated, which is not fair to her. We have to do what is best for Chickster and Criket, giving them both the best we can. If we do the hard thing now, we can protect Chickster as best we can and allow Criket to go to a new, loving home. If we wait until something happens, we risk allowing Chickster to be hurt (and possibly scarred for life) and not being able to find another home for Criket at all. So Husband is taking Criket back to her Mamma Tina, who will find a great new home for her.

Argus was once an "only dog," so hopefully he will adjust well to her absence. And just so you know, we haven't turned a blind eye to him. We are still evaluating him and his ongoing reaction to Chickster. However, we think (and hope) he will be ok.

My heart is broken about letting Criket go. But under the circumstances, this is the best thing we can do for her and for us. We can take Criket out of a situation that is difficult for everyone and know that Tina will find an excellent home for her. Chickster can play in the floor without fear of being assaulted with a wet tongue or being caught in the middle of a fight.

We love you, Criket. We will miss you. Enjoy your new family, and give them lots of love!

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  1. Sorry sis.

  2. ashleigh10:46 AM

    I am sorry to hear about Cricket! I know that yall love her and want her to have a great family to go to...I also know that keeping your family safe is important.

  3. We would've never just unloaded Crik on any random person. It would've taken an FBI background check for me to give her to someone I didn't know. That's why we are thankful that Tina is able to take her and find a home for her - she has lots of experience and a great Jack Russell network. We are confident that she'll have the best home possible - besides ours, of course. That's the only way I could let her go, even under these circumstances.

  4. Melissa, I'm sorry about your dog. I know exactly how you're feeling. We had to give away our Jack Russell, Sadie, when Peyton was 4 months old. We treated Sadie like our child and she was spoiled rotten. But she got very protective of Peyton and started snapping at Josh. It was so sad and I still think of her often. We gave her back the breader we got her from and now she lives on a farm in Winslow. Hope you start feeling about everything soon. Just know you did the best thing for your family. But I know it's still hard.

  5. I'm sorry about Cricket. I'm sure she will have a wonderful new home. How could anyone not love her?
    I just tagged you for a little meme on my blog.