Monday, January 28, 2008

Roll Over! Roll Over!

Do you remember the song from when you were a kid..."There were 10 in the bed and the little one said, "Roll over! Roll over!..." sort of akin to the bottles of 'whatever' on the wall in the way you count down until there's only 1 in the bed. It's a terrible song, actually, because they all roll over, one falls out of the bed, and the little one keeps demanding everyone roll over until he's the only one left in the bed. Sounds like a little brat, if you ask me.

And don't you have this stigma with falling out of the bed? Isn't it dangerous? Why else would your parents put up those jail-like rails on the side of the bed to keep you from rolling out? Or put pillows on the floor. Or scoot your bed up against the wall so you can only fall out on one side. Don't lie - probably one or all of those things happened to you when you were a kid. And don't tell me you never fell out of bed, either. Even if you were lovingly shoved by a sibling, you fell out of bed at some point, I promise.

Well, Chickster will now have his chance. Yes, he's still in a crib, but he rolled over by himself for the first time this past weekend. Husband was with him on Saturday afternoon, and he rolled from his tummy to back twice in a row. Of course, by the time I got there, he had taken a bow and was done for the day. But he rolled over again twice for me on Sunday morning. He seems to be working in twos. Today though, not so much. No rolling, but mostly because he's tired and grouchy today. So it's definitely not something he's mastered yet, but it won't be long. And no, there aren't any pictures. At least not yet. It's sort of hard to catch that whole rolling thing on film.

He'll figure it out soon, and hopefully so will we. Pin It

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