Friday, September 12, 2014

Caedmon Turns 7!

We have a big seven year-old now! I can’t believe how time has flown. And we celebrated for an entire week.

The Thursday before Caedmon’s birthday, we invited two of our homeschool friends and their siblings (and Moms!) to go bowling with us. Oh, and we brought cookie cake.



We had a ton of fun with these friends and are so grateful they could celebrate Caedmon’s birthday with us.


Caedmon loves all things Minecraft these days, so of course he asked for a Minecraft birthday cake. It was my first time to use fondant, but I think I managed pretty well. We celebrated on Saturday, the day before his birthday.






We invited some friends and neighbors to come have cake and ice cream with us.


The kids had a blast, and Caedmon enjoyed his birthday celebration and gifts. And now, he’s a big seven year-old!



Oh, and this kid enjoyed all the birthday partying, too. She’s already planning her next party.


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