Friday, September 07, 2012

Deep Thoughts from Caedmon

Caedmon is always asking what animal a meat is “made out of.” Sometimes it’s simple. Chicken = chicken. But Beef = cow. He’s learning. The other day at lunch, we were talking about that again while he was eating some turkey and said, “I love to eat animals!” My little carnivore.


Caedmon has started making comparisons lately, and I don’t really know where he gets them. Some are hard not to laugh at, though. Here are a few.

“I’m hungrier than a chicken.” (Funny, I didn’t know chickens were constantly ravenous.)

While helping me Swiffer: “I can do this faster than a potato.” (I certainly hope so.)

“I can eat this faster than a cheetah.”

Laying on the couch watching TV: “Mom, I’m tired-er than a tiger.”


For our Bible lesson, we were studying sin and the fall. Caedmon was coloring a sheet with a picture of Adam & Eve, who were having to work hard due to the consequences of sin. Caedmon said, “She looks kinda beat up.” (I bet she felt that way, too.)


Playing his new Operation game one morning, I made a comment about doing surgery so early in the morning. Caedmon’s response was, “Mom, I’m in underwear. And this is just a game.”

Touche, my little realist. Touche.

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