Monday, July 09, 2012

Some Summer

We’ve been trying to enjoy our summer. With traveling, moving, and the 100+ degree temperatures, it’s been a bit challenging. But we have managed to have some fun.

Husband took Caedmon on his first camping trip, and Poppy met them at the campsite and camped with them. They had a blast. They played in the lake, made up games with glow necklaces and water bottles, cooked over a fire, made s’mores, and had a raccoon pilfer the ice chest during the middle of the night. That’s what’s supposed to happen, right?

Caedmon went fishing for the first time. He had a brand new Cars rod & reel (he wore out the one Aunt Trump & Uncle Grade A gave him for his 3rd birthday), and caught a great fish!

First Fish!

Caedmon has decided he loves fishing and wants to go back – soon!

When the guys went camping, Honor and I had a little one-on-one time. I bought her a little $5 wading pool. She loved it.


But she loves the real pool much, much more. She wants to be about chest-deep in the water at all times. She’ll even get brave and dunk her face in the water of her own accord. It’s hilarious because she’s shocked every time, yet she knows it’s coming. And you can forget about putting her in a float. Those things? They’re for babies.

We’ve been doing the best we can to enjoy the pool without suffocating in the heat. Our outside time has been limited lately, with hottest-on-record, triple-digit temperatures. So hopefully things will “cool down” to some manageable 90’s temperatures so we can actually play outside some. Until then, we’re going out early in the morning and staying in the rest of the day.

We got the kids little camping chairs, and they’ve loved them. Honor pulled hers in front of the TV the other day and made good use of her (toy) remote control, pointing it at the TV and expecting something to happen. It didn’t.


Some friends gave us these purple socks, and both the kids love them. Caedmon started wearing them, then Honor ended up wearing them daily for a week. She even chose them over her shoes, which tells you how much she loves them.



Also, this kid still loves to make faces for the camera.


Caedmon and I went to see Madagascar 3 last week. It was a fun time together, and we enjoyed the movie.


Honor has been getting into “dress up” lately – she decided she wanted to be Captain America. With the purple socks, of course.


We made a trip to Sonic last week, and Caedmon soaked up all the Sonic Drive-In he could.


Our summer is about halfway over. It’s crazy that it’s gone by so fast. But we’re going to soak up all we can before it’s gone!

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  1. Where did you buy wading pool?

    1. Megan, I got that pool at Target. But the pool we had for Caedmon when he was little that I much prefer, came from Walmart. It was also about $5. It was a larger diameter, but only one "ring" deep, so it was shallower and easier for him to get in/out. It also had an inflatable bottom.

  2. Paisley would NOT sit in a baby float, so I got her one of these - It's the bomb. I've even recommended it to 2 friends who have babies who hate floats and they've had great success, too. Toys R Us has them in store.

    1. Thanks, Jodi! I may give that a try since we have so much summer left and I'd like to have her in something that floats!